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Our program of combining training methods from gymnastics, weightlifting with high intensity cardio is effective at producing results.

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Our coaches are passionate and excited to share their knowledge with you. They will help you achieve your goals and enjoy the process.

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We offer up to 9 Classes a day
to fit your schedule.

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Once a month we offer a Free Class on Saturday.
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It may sound silly but we are a family. I am filled with love and support each time I walk into the box. I am given strength when I have none left. CrossFit has made me believe in myself, that if I work hard I can accomplish anything I put my mind and body too. There have been workouts that have kicked my butt, but I was never alone. I’ve proven to myself that I can, maybe not today or tomorrow but eventually. I love my Uncommon family, one rep at a time!

Heather T.

CrossFit has changed my life, not just the physical health, but the mental health as well. It makes working out enjoyable. I couldn’t run 2 miles without stopping when I started CrossFIt and now I can run more than 100 miles at one time. The support CrossFit has is vital to the program. It keeps me coming back day in and day out.

Brenda J.

Being middle aged and starting something new was exciting yet terrifying at the same time. CrossFit Uncommon’s coaches and members supported me and cheered me on while I tackled Wallballs, Romanian Deadlifts, Turkish Get-Ups, Lunges, Snatches, etc. etc. As a former athlete I thought I was in shape but quickly found out I had not been using many of my muscles and my flexibility/mobility were non-existent. Thanks to the CrossFit Uncommon community I no longer have problems sleeping, feel better than I have in years and I appreciate the parts of my body that aren’t sore!

Cheryl W.

It’s amazing coming to the box and sharing a love of fitness with others. Not only physically but also encouraging us to be better from the inside out! Not only do the coaches make sure you’re improving physically but take the time to make sure we mobilize and eat the proper foods to keep bettering ourselves.

Heather H.

The positive and supportive atmosphere that has been built at Crossfit Uncommon is unlike any I’ve ever encountered at a gym. This is not just a place to work out, but a community of people helping support each other in their efforts, no matter their skill or fitness level. As one of the older, less fit members, I feel as though I’m just as welcome as any of the regulars. It truly is a motivational and welcoming atmosphere.

Kip G.

I literally can’t imagine my life without this place. I used to dread coming in to do things which I regarded as my greatest weaknesses. But not anymore. CrossFit Uncommon is a magical place where making even the tiniest improvement is celebrated. There’s never anyone sitting around, pointing out your flaws. There are, however, people working alongside you and cheering you on, no matter where you are in your journey. And that’s priceless. I’m blessed to call CrossFit Uncommon home.

Bri C.

Once we got started, my husband and I finally found a group of people that have the same interests of working out, eating healthy and being healthy, people who enjoy sports, and family friendly individuals. We finally found our element and group of friends who support us and push us to better ourselves. Of course we all are competitive, but humble, never condescending or jealous or spiteful. CrossFit Uncommon is such an amazing box. And even more than that, it’s an uplifting place where you can gain your confidence back.

Ashlee D.

CrossFit changed my life in a positive way. At CrossFit Uncommon, I’ve learned so much and doing things I never thought I could do. I am a stronger person both physically and mentally!