2017: Commitment Club

Most people fail, not because of lack of desire, but because of lack of commitment. – Vince Lombardi

The 2017 Uncommon Commitment Club

“What is the Commitment Club?”

This monthly club will represent any Uncommon member who attends at least 16 classes during that month.  Since it is the start of a New Year, we thought January would be the perfect time to start.  After each month we will post the names and total number of classes attended for each member who attends 16 classes or more.

“What’s the point of this Club?”

The purpose of this club is to create avenues that will position its members for success.  Success doesn’t come without commitment and trust.  To be Uncommon – you must show up.  You must put your trust in the programming.  You must be a good teammate to your fellow Uncommoners.  We promise this time and effort will not be in vain, it will bring success to fruition.  Every day you show up to the gym when you don’t feel like it – you are building character.  Consider your character as your root system and then take a moment to envision the great trees in Sequoia National Park.  These trees stand over 200 feet and can grow to be around 30 feet wide, which is incredible.  But we need to ask why are these oldest recorded living trees still here?  There expansive root system.  Although not necessarily deep, just under 7ft – there roots extend to over 50ft which has allowed them to withstand insane winds and weather.  Now imagine life and all that it brings as weather – sometimes sunny, calm and beautiful and other times cold, wet & chaotic.  But yet these Uncommon trees are still standing.

We believe that this character is built by facing challenging things, by committing, by trusting.  There is no magical, hocus pocus technique to build character.  You build character by doing the right things, for the right people, for the right reasons.  Character is what will keep you standing firm when the storms of life come your way.

“Wait that isn’t it!  Not only will you be building your character  in the process, but you just might win a prize along the way!”

If you attend 16 classes or more, along with posting your name on a board that will be displayed the entire next month, your name will be entered into a monthly raffle.  We want to acknowledge your hard work and commitment by giving back to you.


LifeAid Sample Pack

In order to guarantee that you are marked as attended, we suggest that you not only reserve your spot in class, but then also “Check-In” when you arrive to the box using your ZenPlanner app on your phone.  Your coaches will do their best to record attendance each day, but remember if you do not reserve your spot in ZenPlanner it is not their responsibility to record your attendance.  If you do not have an app on your phone, here are the links:

author: Crystal Deiwert


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