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Last year, I tried to write a blog post every month. Earlier in the year, I was doing pretty well. However, eventually my lack of what I thought were “good” ideas and then programming Wod’s caused me to fall off. Andrea’s commitment to doing something for an entire year+ have inspired me to think, why not just do one every week? This way maybe I won’t feel so much pressure to write something profound and deeply informative. It will be almost like a journal. So this is the first one! I counted the weeks left in the year and it’s exactly 50. I don’t care if Sunday is at beginning of the week on calendars. It’s part of the weekEND.

This blog post will be about something called “No-Fix November”.

For you to really understand what this is all about you would have to listen to the StrongFit podcast episode with the same title. Even then, you’d probably have to listen to at least a few more of their podcasts to understand that episode. If you are interested and you already listen to podcasts, I encourage you to check it out!

But the gist of it is that you must avoid consuming carbs, caffeine, sugar, or alcohol for the entire month. These substances put you in a state where you are letting them control your behavior. You allow the substances to keep you from being able to hear and interpret the signals your body is telling you. These signals include being tired, anxious, nervous, excited, sad, etc. It is common knowledge that people use alcohol or sweets to numb the pain of sadness, disappointment, or stress. They use caffeine because they HAVE to have it to start the day or even continue getting through the day.

Ask yourself a question: Do I think it is healthy that I NEED coffee every day? Is it healthy that I NEED a drink or two to wind down at the end of the day? Shouldn’t I be able to work out without consuming a stimulant? Is it healthy that every time I’m bored I look at my phone?

Answer honestly.

That is what this challenge is all about. Take away all these stimulants and start using your body’s own signals to operate and move through the world. We’ve been relying on these signals for thousands of years. Maybe if you are tired, it’s because your sleep sucks, not because you need coffee. Maybe your sleep sucks because you’ve been consuming caffeine, sugar, and carbs all day. Maybe your sleep sucks because you have your usual drink or two at night before you go to bed. Maybe you are bored or anxious because you know you should be DOING something but it’s easier to allow these outside substances to distract you from that.

For me personally, I don’t enjoy coffee or alcohol so the only thing I had to cut out was sugar and carbs. That has been hard. I started at the beginning of this month and had to endure a final family Xmas party with cheesecake and all kinds of other goodies. But I’m doing well so far! I have allowed myself two occasions where I had some higher carb foods like chips or French fries. But I have had absolutely zero dessert-type foods. Which, for me, has never been something I really say no to. I have even asked Libby to stop making me energy balls!

The last part of this post I will address is your thought process when considering doing this. If you read the part about giving up sugar, coffee, pre-workout, or booze and thought “Screw you, I’m not giving that up!” or you panicked and thought “No way! I can’t make it through a day without (blank).” consider why you are thinking that. The way I see it, it’s only a month of your life. Why not try it out? Along with something I’ll address in my next post, I believe this is a reason why my sleep has never been better. I actually wake up feeling restored. Even on the mornings when I get up at 4:30 to coach morning classes I feel really good getting out of bed.

Try it! What do you have to lose?

author: Jacob Watts


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