A Good Problem To Have

Uncommon – we have a problem – a good problem!  Our 5:30am class is hopping!!   With all that hopping comes some obstacles – we are going to do our best to find solutions.

An easy solution could be that we increase the class size, but that solution does not line up with the overall vision we have for Uncommon.  We limit our class sizes for a reason & one of those reasons is quality.  For those of you who have experienced a class that more people show up than are signed up, you know how the quality of your experience has been affected whether that be space, equipment, or coaching.  On Saturdays we design the WODs for a large number of people but our daily classes are not designed for the large capacity and for reason.  So this really is not an option.

A couple obstacles that need to be addressed:

  1. No shows
  2. Showing up when not signed up

Solutions we will be implementing:

  1. You will begin receiving an email 12 hours prior to every class reservation as a reminder which will allow you to unreserve if you aren’t able to attend.
  2. We will be adding a waitlist function to daily classes not just Saturdays.
    • Being on the waitlist does not mean you have a spot in class so please do not just show up to class if you are on the waitlist.
    • You will receive a text and an email when you have been upgraded from the waitlist to reserved status.
    • We are keeping the 1 hour cancellation policy to give the person who has upgraded to reserve list enough time to plan.
  3. If a class is full and you are not on the reserve list, please feel free to use Open Gym or plan to join us for another class time!
  4. Due to the 1 hour cancellation policy, if you are not 100% sure you can make the early morning class, our suggestion would be to just mark yourself for Open Gym and if there is a space in class when you arrive in the morning, you can take it.
  5. Early Morning Open Gym now starts at 5:30am not 6:00am.
  6. We understand that No Shows happen but due to the early morning classes maxing out, we are going to implement a $10.00 fee for No Shows.  We DO NOT want to charge anyone for a No Show.  But at the same time, we think that the only way to totally eliminate no shows is to create this rule.  We need to eliminate no shows because if not, no shows will continue which means people will show up to a full class because they assume someone will no show and then when no one now shows, we have a problem and have 19 people in class.
  7. You can reserve classes up to 30 Days in advance.
  8. We will no longer allow for Drop-Ins at the 5:30am class since this class is full 2-3 weeks in advance.

Pete & I want to thank you all for being Uncommon and your patience as we figure out the best solutions for the “good problem” we have in front of us.


Stay Uncommon!


author: Crystal Deiwert


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