ANNOUNCEMENT: February 2020 Member Spotlight

We are excited to announce that Uncommon’s February 2020 Member Spotlight goes to……

Julie Holt!!!!

Julie has been with us since March of 2017, and she has done nothing but brighten up our community with her positive spirit, her drive to bring kindness to others, and her consistent willingness to learn. She is truly an “Uncommon” soul. Learn more about Julie below:
Q1: What is your career background in?
My masters is in Psychology of Sport & I coached college basketball. 19 years as a head coach. Loved it!
Q2: How did you get into CrossFit?
Had just moved to Montana and wanted to try something new. CopperCity CrossFit had just opened and we decided to give it a try. I, of course, couldn’t do any of it!!! Anthony Fields was our coach/gym owner who said “I think you should sign up for the open (it was the last day to sign up).”
That was the beginning…I missed competition & playing around in the gym. I loved that part because I sucked at everything!! Then, I moved to Bowling Green, and they had a “sport team”, which was funny because no one wanted me on the team. I didn’t care lol…I was already in love with what CrossFit meant to me. Ironically, I was the only one who made it to the CF Games in 2014.
Q3: What is your favorite CF movement? Why?
Anything with lifting…I like moving the barbell, cycling the bar, trying heavy stuff…I think I like it because I’m good at it, but there is also a power to it that can take you to another place.
Q4: What is your least favorite CF movement? Why?
I really don’t want a movement to “own” me, so I mentally approach things a little differently. With that being said, I cringe at the thought of doing lunges because it hurts my foot, and I used to love lunges!! So, I do step ups instead of being hard headed and risk hurting myself.. That alone is progress!
Q5: What do you do for fun on the weekends?
Honestly, meeting my Uncommon Family on Sat morning for our “family” WOD is one of my favorite things to do. Walks, hiking, football games, and dinners with my family & friends are also a treat!
Q6: What have you learned most about yourself since you started at Uncommon?
That I don’t have to over train and be injured all the time in order to compete, and that my recovery day(s) & nutrition is more important than my WOD days. I’ve learned that I like doing hard things. I’ve learned that I enjoy growth & discussing (listening really) about things that I know nothing about.
Q7: As someone who has competed in the CrossFit Games, what have been your key takeaways from your training leading up to this major event?
1. Be Coachable
2. Embrace your coach and the process
3. Failure can be your friend if you persevere AND COME BACK FOR MORE with a great mindset.
4. DREAM BIGGER!!! I thought making it to the games was a huge accomplishment (a miracle more like it). I got there and realized that the podium was the bigger dream. Lesson learned! I also need to say that I would not have made it without Pete’s vision, game plan, and belief in me (a belief he probably didn’t know he had lol)…WE STAYED THE COURSE! Even with all those epic failures or poor training days I may have had. I embraced everything he offered me. Crystal was an amazing part of this because without her thoughtfulness & support, it would not have been possible either!! The support from all of you at Uncommon has been an unbelievable experience!! You each inspire me in different ways! THANK-YOU!
Q8: What are your guilty pleasures?
Sneaking away to Cabo with Nick!! Hanging out with kids & their amazing gals! AND of course, staying after 6:30 am class (or any class for that matter) and hanging out with my peeps!

author: Jackie Richards


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