ANNOUNCEMENT: January 2020 Member Spotlight

We are excited to announce that this months Member Spotlight goes to….

Cathy Yeoman-Stetler!!!!

Cathy has been a member with us since May of 2017, and her dedication to the Uncommon way doesn’t go unnoticed! She uses each class as an opportunity to improve upon her weaknesses, whether it be challenging her mindset or improving her physical skills. To learn a little more about Cathy, keep reading!


Q1: What do you do for a living?
I am a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Shook in Lafayette.
Q2: How did you get into CrossFit?
My brother did CrossFit in Decatur, IL, and he wanted me to do a 10-mile Tough Mudder with him in Chicago. He recommended I try CrossFit to improve my strengeth of which I had absolutely none. Picking up the 35# barbell in Foundations almost made me change my mind (I was like, damn I gotta put weight on this?) – I’m glad I didn’t give up.
Q3: What is your favorite CF movement? Why?
The Clean and Jerk when I get it right…. It feels so good to “feel” strong and the Clean does that for me.
Q4: What is your least favorite CF movement? Why?
Thrusters…because it “feels” awful to feel weak and Thrusters do that for me LOL!
Q5: What do you do for fun on the weekends?
Usually I’m working, BUT when I’m not working, relaxing by the lake, reading, and who doesn’t love Netflix…. and summers include being a softball travel mom, of which, I absolutely love and hanging out on Lake Freeman with the kiddos.
Q6: What have you learned most about yourself since you started at Uncommon?
That I can do things that I thought I could never do or even want to do. Learning to be “properly” fit is an incredible journey and experiencing it with people who are enjoying that journey just as much as you is heart warming and fulfilling. That kind of environment is SO rewarding and fortunately very addictive.
Q7: In what ways have you changed most since starting your fitness journey at Uncommon?
My positive mind set – period. Where I used to impose limits I now know it is limitless…I can do anything.
Q8: What are your guilty pleasures?
Lord help me – tortilla chips/queso and wine – preferably both on the same day.
Way to be Uncommon, Cathy!

author: Jackie Richards


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