ANNOUNCEMENT: October 2019 Member Spotlight

We are proud to announce that Uncommon’s October 2019 Member Spotlight goes to…..

Alec & Kenna Williams!

Alec & Kenna are 2 very special people at Uncommon who have been through so many different phases of life together during their membership. They are long-time members, and their growth as a family has been a beautiful sight to see.


To learn more about Alec & Kenna, check out the below questionnaire:


Q1: What do you do for a living (answer separately)?
Alec – Self-employed at The Heartland Concept. Works in Real Estate and makes communities great again.
Kenna – Works at Purdue University in the finance/business office for the College of Ag. Also helps out the hubby with design on our home projects!
Q2: How did you get into CrossFit (answer separately)?
Alec – I wanted to challenge myself and do something out of the ordinary so I signed up for a Tough Mudder. The preferred method of training for the Tough Mudder was CrossFit. I looked at local CrossFit Boxes and found West Lafayette. I started CF 9 years ago and haven’t looked back since. Then through a ton of training many sponsorship deals came up and one of them was with a new gym CrossFit Uncommon. They essentially paid me to represent the gym and compete at different competitions. Later on the big leagues came knocking and offered me a lucrative deal with Rich Froning Jr. Unfortunately, I just met a beautiful woman at CrossFit Uncommon. A woman I knew I was going to marry. So, I said to Mr. Froning Jr., “thanks but no thanks. I’m Uncommon for life.”
Kenna – Crystal was the one who actually mentioned it to me. I was hired by a company to replace Crystal (back in the day) so she could help her husband start up a gym. She’d talk about CrossFit, but like many, when I googled it- I was intimidated by what I found. It took a while but she convinced me to come to the grand opening and give it a try. I’ve been at Uncommon ever since. 🙂
Q3: What do you like most about Uncommon (answer separately)?
Alec – I’ve seen the box change a lot over 7 years and with each change I find a new reason to love Uncommon. We are a diverse group. We come from all occupations and backgrounds. What I like most is that there is an overall understanding that as soon as you walk through the door, we are all on the same level. We are all there to make ourselves better. The Uncommon Culture is what I like most.
Kenna – Uncommon has been my home now for 7 years. I was a year out of college, transitioning into a full time career, no family in town… and I immediately felt connected. I’m a more timid person, so branching out and finding friends/networking has never come easy to me. I liked the social aspect of the gym, along with having something to look forward to during the week. While my life feels like it’s drastically changed since joining, I’ve still always enjoyed meeting new people and spending time at the gym with my family and friends. Oh and it’s also where we met each other, so it’s obviously special to us.
Q4: What is your favorite CF movement? Why (answer separately)?
Alec – The Snatch (full snatch. None of that sissy power snatch crap). I love this movement because it’s technical, athletic, and takes extreme concentration. It’s also a movement that just looks freaking cool.
Kenna – Hard to choose, but I love pull-ups. It’s one of the more technical movements that I caught onto early on. It also makes me feel like a kid again when I jump up and swing around. 🙂
Q5: What is your least favorite CF movement? Why (answer separately)?
Alec – Nothing. I like all CF movements. Nice try with the trick question.
Kenna – Thrusters. Or any movement with heavy weight and full range of motion. It’s challenging and it’s always days before I feel like I can walk again.
Q6: What do you do for fun on the weekends (answer together)?
Go to Uncommon on Saturday, walk downtown with the kiddo and typically hang out with friends.
Q7: What have you learned most about yourself in the years that you have been a member at Uncommon (answer separately)?
Alec – I’m a lot tougher than I ever thought i was. CrossFit pushes you to mental areas you don’t typically like to go. This not only transfers into our work life but also into our personal life as we never settle for the average. Physically I’ve learned that once I workout and take care of myself, all other things tend to be easier.
Kenna – I wanted to share some pictures/videos for this section because I think it’s so important to really reflect on how many life changes have happened during the last seven years for us. I met my husband, got married, moved a few times, had a baby, changed careers, started a business, and now we’re expecting our second kiddo. While I may not be consistent with always making it to the gym, I have been consistent it making it over the months/years. It’s helped me through many stages of life. Right now I’m not at my peak strength wise, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be where I once was, but going to the gym and sticking with it has made a world of difference in preparing for life’s journey. If I were to give advice to anyone looking at trying out CrossFit or questioning if they should stay; I’d tell them it’s not about perfection. Get in, more around, make a friend, and have fun. Your body and mind will thank you later.
Q8: What are your guilty pleasures (answer separately)?
Alec – I’m a professional karaoke singer Tuesday-Wednesday. I also enjoy a good ole Rom-Com.
Kenna – It feels counter productive to admit this to my fellow gym members, but anything candy related would be my food guilty pleasure. I have a major sweet tooth. Besides that, I love nothing more than a quite night at home, watching a movie and relaxing (wine preferred, when I’m not growing a tiny human).
Round of applause for Alec & Kenna!!!! Way to be Uncommon!

author: Jackie Richards


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