ANNOUNCEMENT: September 2019 Member Spotlight

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Uncommon is super stoked to announce that Julie Koebcke is our September Member Spotlight.
Julie is one of our newer members, but despite the recent start of her fitness journey, she has made major changes to her lifestyle and has embraced change that she and her whole family have become a part of.
Check out the below questionnaire to learn a little more about Julie!
Q1: What do you do for a living?
I teach 5th and 6th grade students with emotional disabilities. I have been at Sunnyside here in Lafayette since I graduated from college in 1996. Yes, that gives away my age:)
Q2: How did you get into CrossFit?
I had heard about CrossFit, and specifically Uncommon, but I never believed it was something I could do at my age, and my fitness level. I was 3 kids and 15 years out of shape. My friend Audra brought me to Community one Saturday in May. My daughter, who was 14 at the time came with me and literally carried me through the workout. I could do 5 burpees, while she did the other 20 kind of a partner workout. But…I did not die, and I loved it! It was exactly the kind of workout I enjoy, so I did the foundations classes with Jacob and have been coming ever since.
Q3: What do you like most about Uncommon?
The way that everyone makes you feel like family. The people at Uncommon are amazing. The encouragement that everyone gives each other just makes me want to be better. Sometimes getting through a workout is possible because you have people there encouraging you not to give up, and by being great examples! I also love how the coaches push you to be YOUR best, whatever that looks like for each individual.
Q4: What is your favorite CF movement? Why?
I like all of the movements I have never done before, like tire flipping, stone lifting, sand bags, rope climbing, rings, handstands, pull ups. Those are all things that I seriously would have never thought six months ago that I would ever do in my life. Now I look forward to learning new movements and challenging myself to be able to get better at each one.
Q5: What is your least favorite CF movement? Why?
The assault bike and I have not hit it off. I think the very first workout I came to may have been a mental toughness day and it involved the bike. I remember being a little relieved, thinking “At least I know how to ride a bike, how hard can it be?” Well, that was the last time I ever thought the bike would be easy.
Q6: What do you do for fun on the weekends?
I love being outside! Working in the yard, or better yet just being able to hang out with my family is always the thing I look forward to the most. Luckily our three girls are all playing outdoor sports right now, so we get to be outside at soccer games right now. We also have a house full of pets that we love spending time with. Having three teenagers means we usually have a house full of kids and animals and we love every minute of it!
Q7: You came to Uncommon right when the S.M.ERF Challenge was about to take off and we know you had great success with it. How did it go for you changing BOTH your exercise routine and your nutrition/lifestyle habits at the same time?
It has literally changed my whole entire mindset, which in turn has changed my whole life. Our family is a busy family, so we were super dependent on fast food and eating anything we could that was easy. Steph and I did NOT make time for meal prep or exercise. We always had excuses. When I started coming to Uncommon, I realized that I probably should take better care of my body if it was going to continue to make it through the WODS, but had no real idea how to make that happen. I admit, I almost didn’t sign up for SMERF because I thought it was beyond my capability. Once it got started we realized how much we had to learn. The lessons each day were so full of good information, and we enjoyed going through them together, which motivated us more to stick with it. I feel like my workouts have gotten better and I have made improvements physically because my eating has changed drastically. My family has benefited from this because I am a happier person overall. Even our teenagers are starting to come around and get used to all of this eating healthy and they enjoy hearing about the workouts too! I don’t think I realized how connected mind, body and spirit were until I joined Uncommon and did the SMERF challenge. Now that I do, my life and my family’s life is reaping the benefits!


author: Jackie Richards


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