ANNOUNCEMENT: August 2019 Member Spotlight

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[vc_column][vc_column_text delay="0"]The Uncommon staff has been really impressed by not only Brent’s progress as an athlete, but as a member of our community. Not only has he become comfortable with being uncomfortable during hard workouts, but he, his wife Morgan, and new baby Alta are regulars at social gatherings, and he helps out in any way he can at Uncommon events.


Learn a little more about Brent below:


Q1: What do you do for a living?

I teach middle school mathematics at Crawfordsville Middle School. This will be my second year there and my fifth year of teaching.

Q2: How did you get into CrossFit?
It was a crisp Saturday morning in September when my wife woke me from my peaceful slumber.
She said that we were going to go and exercise. I was SO excited. So, we arrived late. Dusty, whom I’ve changed their name for the safety of this interview, helped us fill out waivers while doing the warm up where you start at one end and die by the time you get to the other. When being briefed for the workout, I thought it didn’t sound too bad:
Partner wod: 15 min AMRAP Conga Style Rowing, Burpees, Plate ground-to-overhead, Rest.
Boy was I wrong. Not only did I feel like barfing 2 minutes in, but my face was all tingly. Peter Cottontail, whom I’ve also changed their name, came over and suggested I scale back the movements. So, we finished. I don’t remember how, but I managed to get back to the car. In my dazed and confused state, the wife decides that we should grab something to eat. We pull up to this establishment and she walks right on in. Meanwhile, I’m still in the car trying my best not to spew the ground with chunks of yestermeal. Anyway, we came back for Foundations in October. Don’t know how that happened.
Q3: What do you like most about Uncommon? 
Where do I start?! The people.
Q4: What is your favorite CF movement? Why?
Burpees!! Yea know, I don’t mind feeling completely useless when the movement consists of going to the ground and getting back up. No, clean and jerks are my favorite because it’s something that I can do well.
Q5: What is your least favorite CF movement? Why?
Bahaha. Well, let’s choose burpees. It’s a movement that I haven’t been able to do consistently well on. One day it’s hard to push myself off the ground, while the next day it’s hard to jump my feet up, while the next day I just can’t breathe.
Q6: What do you do for fun on the weekends?
I enjoy doing just about anything besides seeing my students. I like to play any sort of games. Whether it be cards, board games, or even video games.
Q7: What would you say has been the biggest change in your lifestyle since joining Uncommon?
Watching what goes into my body. I cannot tell you how much pop I used to drink. Yes, it’s pop and not soda..
Q8: What is your favorite ‘cheat’ meal?
An Uncommon human, indeed! Way to go, Brent!


author: Jackie Richards


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