Consistency. (This post is for everybody, but especially for those doing the WLC)

Consistency.  It is the one independent variable that has the greatest impact on success, in my humble opinion.  In previous blog posts I have talked about the power of a made up mind.  That when you decide on something when times are good, that decision fuels you when things become difficult.  That made up mind is what keeps you from going off course when you maybe don’t know the way out of a situation. That made up mind IS consistency.  I remember when I started my insurance business, I had ju...


Got a few minutes? Read on…

First off, I missed the heck out of you beautiful people! A week without endless people to rant to has left me with a lot to say. So grab a cup of coffee and a piece of meat and lets spend the next few minutes discussing some of what has been running through my head. So this is a Whole Life Challenge blog, but don’t stop reading. What I want to share with you is from the heart and the things I am going to discuss will apply to all of you reading this. If you want some tools to accomplish somethi...