Blog 10/50. Structure.

Here I am just sitting down, at 11:15 pm, to write my weekly blog post. Leasa is not yet in labor (although the signs are showing that it will happen any day now) and we’re all quarantined so you know damn well that I’m not busy. It’s hilarious to me because before I ever sat down 2 minutes ago (it’s now 11:17) I was actually planning on writing about how much I struggle to stay productive without structure. Tell me where to be, when to show up, and what to do, and I’m your guy. I can do that til the cows come home. And I’ll even milk’em when they do! Just kidding. I’ve never milked a cow. But give me multiple days in succession of a wide open schedule and say, “Here you are. Go be productive!”, and I feel lost. Ah. Sweet, sweet irony.

So it’s perfect that I forgot to write this week’s blog post at the time I normally write them because that’s what I do when I’m out of my routine. I forget things. I feel like I wander around aimlessly at times. You see things all over the internet about how to stay positive during these times and activities you can do and on and on. Well this is going to be my quarantine project. Learn to stay productive without a schedule.

I hate when people use words that have no real meaning (Like how every sports analyst in the universe refers to players as “dynamic”. *eye roll* What does that even MEAN?) So when I say productive, I want you to know that I mean actually accomplishing things that improve something about our life. Make the house cleaner and tidier so we feel more at peace when we’re in it. Listen to a podcast or read an article that makes me a better coach. Practice writing workouts. Keep the dogs happy. Etc.

So here is my new structure, at least until Sonny decides to make his grand entrance. Even then hopefully most of this stays the same.

  • Wake up to an alarm at a normal weekday time.
  • Dogs get two walks or walk and park.
  • No Netflix until dinner time.
  • Pick at least one thing I can make cleaner or tidier every day.
  • Listen to at least one podcast every day on coaching, human behavior, or something similar.
  • Keep meals to the same times as a normal day and keep snacks to normal, SMERF-compliant food.

That’s what I got off the top of my head for now. Feel free to comment with your own suggestions on how you’re keeping structure in your life!

author: Jacob Watts


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