Blog 13/50. Fit-aid and slam dancing.

I put out a request on the member page for topic ideas and got one that deserves a whole post so for now this one will be fun. I make a fun little deal with you guys at the end, so read the whole thing!

Morgan asked about Fit Aid flavors. Honestly I don’t LOVE Fit Aid. It’s fine. It’s refreshing after a workout, especially in hot months. But I’ve gone without it for a long time and don’t miss it. That said, RX is my favorite. I didn’t like it at first because it was a strong fruity flavor. It tastes like Flintstones vitamins. But it grew on me and now I like it. Regular is good too but I just think I don’t prefer the taste of agave as a sweetener.
The other ones I’ve tried are red, blue, and orange. Sorry I can’t speak to the other ones. These three are all pretty bad in my opinion. I could get by with orange and blue. But I’m not a picky guy. However, if you offer me a red, I’ll spit at you. Ginger and cayenne? GINGER AND FREAKING CAYENNE??? ???? Seriously ginger is disgusting.

Second half of this is just fun for me. I decided to take you on the musical journey of how I got to be where I am today. You know, listening to objectively better music than everyone else.

It all started in my dads pickup truck. Everywhere we went we rocked out to ACDC, Bob Seger, Steve Miller, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and an assortment of big hair 80’s Metal bands. I discovered that my favorite part of this music was the actual music. Specifically the guitars. Even more specifically, the guitar solos. This holds true for me today. I’ll sit through a crappy song if I think there’s a solo in it. I don’t know why. I think I like them because I have always seen it as a great representation of the skill of the player. I think I gravitated to that expression of skill more than any other because I feel like that type music just has so much energy and raw emotion. Don’t ask me why that appeals to me since it’s kind of opposite of how I am. Maybe it’s because of that fact? Who knows.

First, my discovery of love for hard rock lead me to Creed. I’ll fight anybody who wants to bash Creed. They freaking rocked. Go listen to Alter Bridge (creeds band with a much better singer) and tell me they aren’t awesome. I dare you to listen to the song “blackbird” and keep the hair on your neck from standing up. Ok I’m done. I think the reason I liked Creed while so many like to hate them is because I generally don’t care about singers. Just the music for the most part.

From there I started discovering harder rock music from friends. I LOVED Linkin Park. Early Linkin Park. They were the headliner of my first concert and it was incredible. This lead me to bands like Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Lostprophets, and others.

Up to that point I hadn’t dabbled in metal yet. I decided I should buy a Metallica cd since I kept hearing so much about them. I didn’t know anything about their albums so I just got the coolest looking one. It was their first, “Kill’em All”. That’s when I discovered metal. It was super fast there were insane solos in every song. I loved it! I needed more!

Then I discovered a little show on MTV called headbangers ball. They played actual hard rock and metal. There I found Slipknot. Their songs Duality and Pulse of the Maggots still get me fired up. Other bands like Trivium and Lamb of God are still some of my favorites today.

Then a random guy in my class in high school said I should listen to a band called The Human Abstract. They’re a very progressive and technical metal band. I freaking loved it. (Favorite guitar solo of all time is in the song “Mea Culpa”) Slowly over time through YouTube and pandora I discovered so many heavy metal bands. But I’ve also discovered metal I don’t like. It was nice to get to a point where I knew what I liked and what I don’t. I like a mix of sounds. There are bands out there that play all fast insanity. I don’t like that all the time. I also don’t like the bands that are all deep and heavy grooves. I need some chaos sometimes. I need them to be somewhat unpredictable too. I could write a whole separate post on metal sub genres but the ones I’ve found that do this the best are Metalcore, death metal, deathcore, Djent, progressive metal, and tech death. I’m probably missing some.

I know most of you won’t care, but this is fun for me to talk about and it’s my blog ????. Here’s my absolute favorite bands as it stands. All time fave is Between the Buried and Me. If you can tolerate some screaming and want to be taken on a musical journey, check them out. Absolutely amazing musicians. The more recent the better. Also their bass player has a sick instrumental jazz band called the Nova Collective. Then in no order, August Burns Red, Rivers of Nihil, Parkway Drive, Lamb of God, Allegaeon, As I Lay Dying, Periphery, Erra, and Within the Ruins.

I challenge you all reading this to expand your horizons a little! And I’ll make you a deal! If you listen to one song by one of these bands, let me know what you think. Then tell me something you want me to listen to and I’ll give it an honest listen! If you can’t choose from all the greatness I gave you, let me know and I’ll assign you something.

Have fun!

author: Jacob Watts


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