Blog 18/50. Top 3 Favorite Movies.


I figured we were due for a light-hearted topic and movies came to mind. Plus I want to hear from you all about your top 3!

#3 – Goodwill Hunting

Honestly, if this movie was just 2 hours of that scene where he owns the blonde ponytail guy at the bar on repeat, it might still make my top 3. I know a lot of people love Robin Williams but I have never really liked his style of comedy. However, he is just fantastic in this movie. If you haven’t seen this yet, WHO EVEN ARE YOU?? Watching Matt Damon’s character develop throughout this movie and watching how much adversity Robin Williams has to fight through to actually reach him, plus the payoff at the end is so satisfying. Plus, hello? The scene where they’re sitting on the park bench and Robin Williams hands Matt Damon his ass and leaves him speechless is SO. FREAKING. GREAT. This could easily be #1. The order is arbitrary, but I do have a pretty clear top 3.

#2 – Shawshank Redemption

If I was upset at you for not having seen Goodwill Hunting, I’d be irate for this one. I mean, talk about a story of redemp- … oh yeah. Right. It’s in the title. *SPOILER ALERT* The twist when that young new inmate comes in and confirms Andy was telling the truth and the warden has him killed so he can keep Andy as his personal assistant to all his illegal dealings!? So good. Actually my one problem with this movie is that after Andy crawls through the sewer to escape, Red (Morgan Freeman) narrating (of course) says he crawls 500 yards which he then claims is “nearly half a mile”. Well, Morgan Freeman, 440 yards is a quarter of a mile. So, no, I would not say it’s nearly half a mile. Other than that, the movie is great.

#1 – Hoosiers

I’m certain this one won’t be nearly as popular as the first two, but I’ll paraphrase the great Sir Marshall Mathers and tell you I just don’t give a hoot. This is about growing up in a small town in Indiana playing basketball and I grew up in a small town in Indiana and played basketball.

Fun fact: 14 of the 15 biggest high school basketball gyms in the COUNTRY are in Indiana. One of those being our very own Lafayette Jeff, which ranks at 11th with a seating capacity of 7,200. I think what’s even more impressive is all the small town gyms that don’t make the list but are huge for their town’s population. Leasa’s hometown is only 2,000 people but their basketball gym could easily fit everyone in it. My hometown population was around 4,000 but the gym held around 3,500. The point is, high school basketball in Indiana is a really big deal. Some of my fondest childhood memories are my dad taking my brother and me to the high school games. You can laugh at Kid Rock all you want, but when the lights got turned out at the Kankakee Valley gym and “Bawitdaba” gets cranked up and the team busts out of the locker room right after the drums kick in, it was LIT.

Anyway, Hoosier is actually based on a true story and who doesn’t love a good ol’ David vs Goliath story? Up until the late 90’s there were no classes in high school basketball so the state tournament literally included all the teams. There was only ONE champion. Well the little old town of Hickory (Milan in real life) was the little guy we all love to root for. I mean they have a play called the picket fence for crying out loud! *SPOILER* They make it all the way to the state finals against the giants of South Bend Central (Muncie Central in real life) and Jimmy Chitwood (Bobby Plump in real life, who Leasa’s grandma actually went to school with and said he was a jerk) hit’s a buzzer beater to win! How cool is that??


Post your top 3 movies!!

author: Jacob Watts


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