Blog 19/50. Definitely call it a COMEBACK

Hey guys! Well, we are all on the verge of coming back to the gym. While it isn’t in the same exact way that we normally would, I think we can all agree it is much better than what we’ve been dealing with. We’ve been over the safety and cleanliness protocols many times, so this will be addressing your actual training when you come back. I’ll keep it pretty short because you guys pretty much all do a great job being smart and listening to our recommendations.

The main thing that will be different than what you’ve been doing at home is the intensity. Even if you have a whole set up with almost everything we have at the gym, I can almost guarantee you haven’t been training as hard as you would have in the gym. That is absolutely not a ding on you. I’m the exact same way. So are most human beings. I have said this to several people over the shutdown but if it was easy to just train on your own and get the results you want, EVERYONE IN PLANET FITNESS WOULD BE YOKED. But they are not. Even people who do something as awesome as CrossFit struggle. But the group training setting, in particular with CrossFit, is popular and gets results for a reason. You want to show up and you want to try your ass off. That being said, you will probably just naturally want to try harder than you have been over the past couple months. You will probably try harder without even trying to try harder. Just do your best to ease into it and allow your body to adjust. Think back to when you first started CrossFit. It won’t be that extreme, but closer than you’ve been in a long time.

Sort of related to the first paragraph, but you need to take your warm-ups and cool-downs seriously. Another thing that happens when you train alone is you start to let slip the things you don’t reeeeeeally want to do. Warm-ups and cool-downs tend to be high on that list. ESPECIALLY since you have likely taken more time off than normal, or at the very least not worked out as hard, warm-ups and cool-downs will be crucial to making sure you don’t hurt yourself.

If it does happen that you tweak something, as always, definitely tell us about it. No injury in the history of injuries has gotten better or gone away by just gritting your teeth and continuing doing what got you hurt in the first place. So as always we will help you with modifications and then when your body is ready to heal, we will give you exercises to strengthen the weak area that may have caused the injury. This is a little different of a situation because of all the time away. I can personally speak to this as somebody who dealt with multiple back and knee injuries while trying to improve at Olympic lifting. I went through at least 5 cycles of lift heavy often, tweak, attempt to train through it, gets worse, take a couple weeks off of lifting, feel better, repeat. It may feel like you are continuing on your fitness journey but you’re actually going around the roundabout, using up time and fuel and going nowhere. Don’t make a two week setback turn into a 2 month setback!

Lastly, have fun and enjoy this! Hopefully what we just went through has allowed everyone to gain a new perspective on the things we might take for granted. I certainly will appreciate working out with a group much more. To some degree, everyone needs social interaction. So try to appreciate the fact that you get to come back into this amazing environment filled with cool, growth-minded people who love you!


I’m looking forward to seeing you all.

author: Jacob Watts


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