Blog 24/50. Life and feelings update.

I didn’t have any particular subjects jump out at me this week so I thought I would just do sort of a journal entry and talk about how things are going for me and my family right now.

Sadly, Leasa goes back to work tomorrow. She is pretty sad to have to leave Sonny for the first time. She probably wouldn’t let people know exactly how much she is struggling with this so any bit of support you all can offer I’m sure would be greatly appreciated by her.

It has been such an amazing experience getting used to the change in identity for me personally but even more amazing has been seeing Leasa become a mom. Watching the way she and Sonny look at each other is indescribable. I love seeing him fall asleep on her and gently lay his little arms across her shoulders. Everyone tells you that you can’t even imagine how it feels. And I was prepared for that fact. But even if I know to prepare for the unexpected, it is still unexpected. The changes are coming fast and I am keeping everyone’s advice in mind to enjoy every moment possible. I am trying to my best to curb my excitement about the future for him because I’m sure it will be here all too fast. He is sleeping an average of 7 hours per night but he’s not a huge fan of naps during the day. He is super responsive to people’s faces. He smiles for pretty much everyone and he carries on long conversations. He also really likes reading books and he loves tummy time. We will get him lifting ASAP.

Still on the subject of Sonny, some of the things I have learned about the nervous system have actually helped me as a parent. I find it tempting to get upset when he won’t go down for a nap like he is intentionally staying up and crying. But I have been able to curb that frustration when I just think, he’s not even 3 months old. He doesn’t know what is going on. His nervous system drives all his body’s processes just like mine. If he is alert, there’s a reason. I think it is helping him develop motor skills and cognitive skills because instead of insisting that he goes to sleep we both try to look at those signs and say, “Well alright, clearly you’re not tired, let’s read a book.” or “Let’s have some tummy time on your play mat.”

I am in the midst of the second summer of my Teen Camps! We got 15 kids out for it, which is an awesome turnout. I’ve been really impressed with their progress. It has been especially nice to see how much was retained by the kids who have taken the camp before. I will also give myself a slight pat on the back and say I think I’m getting better at handling this age group. It’s pretty difficult to make the sessions fun, yet challenge the kids to practice and learn. I think we’re striking a nice balance. If you know of a kid in the 12-18 range (I’ve made a few exceptions for 11 year-olds) who might like to learn how to lift and become more confident in the weight room, there are still a few spots open for July!

We are also moving houses. Luckily everything has panned out smoothly so far. We quickly found a buyer for our house and we found a house we liked in our price range. It has more space and it’s a quieter neighborhood. We loved living on Kossuth and being so close to downtown and so many of our friends. Like a stupid number of our CrossFit friends live in this neighborhood. We will be sad to leave that. But we are also excited that we will be able to host family and/or gym gatherings. I’m very excited to have a second bathroom. I won’t get too detailed but let’s just say there’s been a couple times where Leasa was in the shower and I strongly considered breaking into Pete and Crystal’s to use the potty.

The final big thing is this competition I’m planning. I think I’ve got some of the details worked out. I am shooting for September 26. I have decided it will be a partner competition and the proceeds will go to benefit The Tippecanoe Minority Health Coalition. I am currently brainstorming workout ideas and also going to be getting in touch with local companies to find sponsors for the event. So if you know of any companies that would be interested in this, let me know! Like I said, everything that the competitors pay to do the competition will go to the TMHC so if we want to provide incentives like swag bags and prize packages for the competitors then sponsors will be necessary. We will also need volunteers for the competition because we will need people handing out said swag bags and prizes, shirts, collecting and displaying scores, and probably most importantly we will need judges! I will release more info as it comes up but you’d be doing me a huge favor if you kept your eyes peeled for interested businesses.

For my blog post next week I had the idea of doing a Q and A! So send me any questions you can think of that you want me to answer. They can be personal or training-related. So hit me up and make this next post a fun one!

author: Jacob Watts


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