Blog 3/50. I’m proud of you Uncommoners.

This might be somewhat of a silly title to start out a blog post but I was recently thinking about what the majority of people think is acceptable. Even scarier is what the majority of people think is “doing well”.

We all live in our own customized bubbles. To some extent we have control over what information we consume, who we listen to, and who we spend time with. 90% of the time you can either find me at home or at the gym. 9.5% of the last 10% is the grocery store or eating. Sometimes I eat at the grocery store. I might single-handedly be responsible for Fresh Thyme removing the free sample cups from the freshly ground nut butter station.

My point is that who you spend the most time around and what information you allow yourself to consume influences what you think is acceptable. We all like to think we are these strong-willed people acting independently. But we are not. We are all constantly looking around for inspiration or validation from our peers. That’s not a bad thing, by the way. Humans are social creatures. We have made it to where we are now BECAUSE we were able to socialize and use our collective knowledge to advance the species. But the people and things you let into your bubble affect who you are and what you value. If you want to change a behavior, the quickest way to do that is to put yourself in an environment where that behavior is not acceptable!

I love our community for so many reasons, but a primary one is that you all have plenty of reasons to NOT be doing what we do. It is amazing to think of the environments that you all have had to overcome to put yourself into a “better bubble”. The biggest one is that nobody “needs” to be fit anymore. There are conveniences and medications that will take care of you until you die. Nobody has to hunt their food or run from a deadly threat. Despite this, some of you still get up early, make arrangements for kids, sacrifice other expenses, and more. You guys have overcome a lot because you knew you wanted something different. I bet if I asked you all to write down a list of a dozen reasons why it would be easier to skip the gym or just order a pizza, you would have no problem coming up with that list. But most of you choose a better route because you put yourself into an environment where you knew it was the right thing to do.

I’ll take this a step further and mention the changes we have made as a gym. We challenge you guys. Just by committing to a CrossFit gym, you have already put yourself head and shoulders above the vast majority, health wise. We don’t stop there. CrossFit is well-known for creating an environment where more is better. People who work out 5-6 days a week for years on end are praised for their dedication regardless of how they feel. Not here. We demand that you consider how you are sleeping, how you are feeling outside the gym, and how you breathe. You didn’t necessarily ask for this. You asked us to help you with your workouts to help you look and feel better.  You didn’t necessarily ask for help with your sleep or nutrition. But we demanded that you think about it and tell us about it. That is uncomfortable but the majority of you have jumped right into it with us. It would have been SO EASY to say “Screw these guys. I don’t need help with that. I just want a place to work out. I just need a place to sweat and blow off steam.” But you adopted a growth mindset and allowed yourself to change for the better.

The fact that you can consistently make those decisions is great but I think it speaks more to the decisions you made that lead you to being in this environment. So in the end, I am proud of you because you have chosen to include us in your bubble. It wasn’t easy. It still isn’t easy. But you know it’s right. You had and continue to have the courage to say no to all the bullshit out there trying to tell you it’s ok. It’s ok if you don’t work out. It’s ok if you eat whatever you want. It’s normal to be stressed and tired.

I’m proud of you for saying no to all that and saying yes to us. If you haven’t fully bought in yet, just keep us in your bubble and you’ll get there.

author: Jacob Watts


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