Blog Post 5/50: Silly Silly Fun Time

I posted on the Facebook group a while back asking for suggestions on what to write about in subsequent blogs and you guys came through phenomenally! A lot of your questions and suggestions are silly and fun and I want to answer them. However, I feel that an entire blog for every individual question would be a little much so I’m going to go through and rapid-fire style answer some of them and save some of the serious ones for an actual blog post later on. Off we go!

Brandon Randolph says: “Ice cream flavors and why some are better than others.”

You KNOW I’m down to write about that. If we are talking specifically about flavors then the more gobs of stuff the better. Give me all the cookies, cookie dough, graham cracker crust, brownie bites, fudge swirls, cheesecake bites, etc. The flavors who put more stuff in their ice cream are better. Period. In the store, Ben and Jerry’s, Coolhaus, and Graeter’s are my top choices. I wouldn’t be upset with Haagen-Dazs or Oberweis either. But even Ben and Jerry’s has disappointed me before when I didn’t pay close enough attention to the flavor I was buying. It was cheesecake FLAVORED ice cream and did not have gobs in it. One of the saddest days of my life. The reigning defending world champions are still Silver Dipper which sells Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream based out of Madison, WI. If you want to prove me wrong, please provide a sample of your supposed “better” ice cream.

Another angle you can take with this discussion is quality of the ice cream itself. I have a very scientific method of choosing flavors. Look at the calories PER SERVING. The higher the better. If you want to eat ice cream and not consume a lot of calories then just pick something else. Halo Top is a travesty and should cease to exist. It’s very simple. The more calories, the more fat it probably has. It has more fat because they used more cream. Fat is delicious and makes the ice cream thick and creamy and just objectively better. I have spoken.

Suse Lagory asked in person: “If you had walk-out music, what song would it be?”

I’ll cheat and give two answers here. One for you, one for me. For you guys, I pick “Walk” by Pantera because it’s badass, it pumps me up, and most people have heard it before. For me, I’ll pick a song I really like that hardly anybody would know because it’s a fun question to answer and I like talking about hardcore heavy metal. This is a tough question to answer because some metal I listen to I have to just sit and listen to how amazing it is. It’s so intricate and complicated that it requires my full attention to appreciate it. But a walk-out song would be more something I’d work out to. Something a little more straight-forward and simple but still really hard-hitting. For that song I choose Boneyards by Parkway Drive, specifically 1:50 until the end of the song. That second breakdown (where the tempo slows down) when he screams “THERE’S BLOOD IIIIIIIIIIN THE WATERRRRRRRR” gets me psyched every time!

Morgan Melton asks: “You’re stuck on a deserted island and can only bring one of your dogs to keep you company. Which one do you bring and why?”

This is a really tough question to answer. I love all my doggies. For those that don’t know, we have 3. A yellow lab named Poco, a golden retriever named Mack, and a Bull terrier/Pit mix named Ruby. Poco and Mack are both over 10 years old so to make this question fair, I’ll answer as if they are all in their physical prime. If they were all 2-3 years old then my choice would be Poco. He is the most loyal so I know he would stay by my side no matter what. He’s also by far the best swimmer of the 3 so I could trust him around water more. Even without any training he shows natural hunting and tracking instincts. Plus he loves to snuggle so he’d keep me warm.

Dustin Wheelock says: “Intake centerline and it’s relationship to the torque curve under load.”

Well as we all know, it’s important to keep that intake centerline as intaked (intook? intaken?) and centered as possible. Where your specific intake centerline falls on the torque curve will really make or break your performance in your lawn mower. I make sure to get my lawn mower’s torque curve recalibrated once a year. That way I know my cam performance is on point all year when I’m making those beautiful lines in my grass. This is a lot more important on zero-turn mowers than traditional riding mowers but important either way. Once your torque curve is calibrated, deciding where to place that intake centerline is up to you. Higher up the curve means you like to play fast and loose. Mowing times go down but at what cost? You’ll find it much harder to keep those lines straight. Further down the curve means you like it slow and steady. Lines will be straight as an arrow but you sacrifice some speed for that consistency. Learn what works best for you.

Andrea Holloway says: “Advantages tall athletes have in CrossFit.”

Good one Andrea. Advantages for tall athletes are FEW and far between. It’s really a sad existence we live. Discovering a love for the sport of CrossFit when it will just never love us back. The majority of movements in CrossFit are measured. Most of the time those measurements are dictated by your arm or leg length. Taller people have longer arms and legs. The few advantages we do have are things where body size doesn’t dictate the beginning or end of a rep. Wall balls, box jumps, rowing, and rope climbs are about it. Sandbag carries are easier if you can wrap your arms all the way around the bag. Don’t even get me started on running. It’s not easier for tall people just because short people take more steps.

Anthony Wettschurack: “The effects of IR reflectivity in paint, specifically on autonomous vehicles and CO2 emissions.”

I can’t even pretend to answer this. I’m just going to keep preparing for the machine’s takeover.

Chelsey Clausen: “Restaurant recommendations.”

Around Lafayette my favorites are as follows:

  • East End is the overall favorite. Everything I’ve had there is not just good, but great. Shrimp and Grits are amazing, Wagyu Burger is amazing, all the apps and desserts are really good, and once you’ve had their truffle fries you’ll hate all other fries.
  • Black Sparrow is my second favorite. Little more casual than East End, great sandwiches and they keep the menu changing with really good specials.
  • Best Tacos are at Las Brazas. They also have Huaraches which is like a taco salad on a flatbread and it’s so good.
  • Brunch goes to Bistro 501. They have really good eggs benny, which is my favorite meal. Plus if you’re trying to be healthier they have a delicious corn beef hash and they’ll even put hollandaise sauce on it for you.
  • Best Burgers (besides the wagyu burger at East End) are at Bru Burger. They make their burgers with a blend of different cuts and the taste is much better than a normal burger. My one complaint is that they DON’T SERVE SWEET POTATO FRIES! WHAT BURGER PLACE DOESN’T HAVE SWEET POTATO FRIES!?
  • Not necessarily a favorite for any one thing, but Sixth St Dive has really good wings, homemade tortilla chips, guac, and an amazing breakfast burrito.
  • Teays River Brewing Co has the best wings I’ve ever had and their other stuff is really good too.

One wild-card restaurant answer is my favorite meal I’ve ever had. It was at a place called Word of Mouth in Salem, Oregon. The meal was prime rib eggs benedict and I paired that with cinnamon roll pancakes. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


That’s it! Thanks for playing along guys. If you have more requests, send them to me!

author: Jacob Watts


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