Perform better tomorrow. Cool down today!

What’s the first thing you do after a difficult workout?  My guess would be sit down, lie on the floor, curl up into a ball, maybe cry a little bit, question every decision you’ve ever made, etc.  My guess would also be the LAST thing you want to do is to continue moving.  This can all apply to feeling sore in the next day or two as well.  Anybody that has trained hard at least once knows what being sore feels like.  To do anything, including move, hurts.  This post will discuss exactly why move...



It’s pretty common to be stressed out in our society these days. I’m not talking about the presidential election or any specific event in society.  I’m talking about the way we live.  The way we rush from one thing to the next while our mind is going in many more directions that we can physically go.  I’m talking about the ways we abuse our bodies, hold tension and don’t sleep well.  This constant state of stress has serious effects on your body and how our body operates.  The good news is that...