Whole Life Challenge: The Details

Start Date:  Saturday, May 20th Duration:  56 Days / 8 Weeks Investment:  $49.00 Purpose:  Challenges are an opportunity for you to get back or stay on track – that’s why they exist.  Take advantage of it. Important Dates: Friday, May 19th  – 6:30pm Pre-Challenge Body Measurements & Workout Option 1 (Please register in ZenPlanner) Immediately following Measurements & WOD – We will have a short nutrition talk and answer any questions regarding the Challenge. Saturd...


How does burning calories work?

Recently we have done a couple part B workouts where it was nothing but a quick and dirty ride on the Assault Bike. The first was 50 calories for time and the most recent was a max calorie ride in 3 minutes.  Both were pretty equally gnarly.  This was indirectly the inspiration for this blog post because I heard several people say something along the lines of, “After all that, I only burned 50 calories??”  This would be alarming but luckily the extra calorie-burning action doesn’t stop as soon a...