Adventures with Jacob!

Hey guys! This blog post is going to be changing things up a bit. I try to write about subjects that I think will help you all with your overall well-being or maximize your experience with CrossFit. Recently I was inspired to train for a half Iron Man and several people expressed that it would be interesting to read about my experience as my training changes for that race. So this will be a little weird for me because as I set out to write about myself, I have a difficult time shaking the though...


Thoughts on Goals

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals recently. It’s a fortunate coincidence that Jackie wrote a blog post about goals as well! Read that HERE. This post was inspired by a handful of conversations I had with people when we did the CrossFit Total in class. After several of those classes someone would tell me they had a goal to reach a certain weight that was significantly higher than the one they just hit or to get back to a weight that they had lifted at some point. I see nothing wrong with that....