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Uncommon Barbell is a Weightlifting Club. Weightlifting is an Olympic sport comprised of the Snatch, the Clean and the Jerk. At Uncommon Barbell we train these three lifts and the accessory exercises to better these lifts.

Our desire is to create an atmosphere conducive to lifting maximal weight in the three main lifts. Our goal is to train national level lifters as well as encourage the growth of this sport through coaching new lifters. Our approach is three parts: positions then strength and then tricks. We develop our lifter’s ability to understand technique and consistently over time and stresses, replicate it. Only after technique is developed do we pursue increasing a lifter’s strength. Once those two pieces have developed to an acceptable level, we start to work on the tricks of weightlifting. Tricks are all those things lifters use to gain an advantage over the weights mentally and physically, but also the things used when in competition.

This club is a coached club. Athletes that are interested in Olympic Weightlifting, but are not interested or are not seeking a coach, then currently this is not the facility for you. We want to build our team and training atmosphere the way we see fit and to do that we need a specific vision shared by the team. If you are interested in joining Uncommon Barbell please understand that you will be expected to work with a coach.

The Snatch and the Clean and Jerk have long been understood to be the greatest display of speed and power. For any athlete that desires to increase their strength as well as their speed and agility, there is no better way than through the Olympic lifts. Our coaches understand the demands of on field performance and how to use these lifts to better an athlete’s chances of success in their given sport.

Lastly, to be a member of Uncommon Barbell you must compete in weightlifting. To actually compete is a ton of fun and to do it with a team is even better. We believe every lifter should experience this to fully appreciate the sport they are training in. We will host meets at Uncommon and also participate in meets around the state.

  • Is This Club Right For Me?
    • If you are an athlete who:

      • is looking to help improve explosiveness and power for his/her sport
      • is looking for a better baseline level of overall strength
      • would like better technique, efficiency and coordination with the snatch, clean & jerk and other related lifts
      • is a CrossFit athlete and would like to see his/her WOD times goes down (i.e. Isabelle and Grace)
      • is a competitive or recreational Olympic Style Weightlifter looking to lift in a team atmosphere
  • Current Schedule

    Club meets 4 times a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 5:30-7:00pm.

  • What is the Pre-requisite?

    Individuals with little or no prior experience with the Olympic lifts will be required to attend our Weightlifting Class until coach determines he or she is prepared to lift with the club.

Barbell Club Membership Pricing

12 Month (AutoPay)
4 Group Training Sessions/Week
Open Gym
6 Month (AutoPay)
4 Group Training Sessions/Week
Open Gym
4 Group Training Sessions/Week
Open Gym