Teen Strength & Conditioning




Thank you for showing interest in the Uncommon Teen Program.  We are excited to announce that we currently revamping this program for 2019.  If you are interested, please email us and let us know!  We would love the opportunity to talk with you specifically and what you are looking for out this program as we revamp for 2019 to better serve the teen and their parent.   Your feedback would be much appreciate.

The Teen Strength & Performance is designed to develop body awareness and physical capabilities by incorporating bodyweight movements, crawls, basic strength development & conditioning, using many of the functional movements seen in our adult CrossFit classes.  Team workouts & team building games will be an integral part of the program to help encourage social interactions.   This program is a great way to help prepare teens for the rigorous training of team sports. We also take into consideration that many of our athletes do play other sports.   Our programming will push them physically, mentally, emotionally with the goal to build them up not break them down.


Nutrition is vital to living a healthy life and is the base of “fitness”.  Without proper understanding, you are building your house (in this case “body”) on sand.  Although most of the class time will be spent on exercise, basic nutrition information and recommendations will be shared.


Our class is safe and effective for young adults of all levels and fitness backgrounds; great for teens looking to try something new or simply looking to workout with their friends in a fun and energetic atmosphere.