Fall Nutrition Challenge Update


We are just 3 days from the start of the Fall Nutrition Challenge which starts on Monday.  Those that attended the Nutrition Talk on Wednesday, some of this information may be redundant, but please read this entire post if you are participating in the Challenge as I hope it answers most of the questions asked.

It looks like we have 33 people signed up so far.  I am going to go ahead & extend the date to Saturday, so if you have not signed up and been debating about it…the time is now.




1.  Nutrition Talk – for those that missed Brian’s Presentation on Wednesday, you can view it here.  Sorry I forgot to tell Brian to try and stay in the video so after 5 minutes of the presentation you will just here him talk.

2. Download Brian’s Presentation here:  Obesity and the Paleo Diet

3.  Download Challenge Point Tracking Excel Sheet here:  2014 Fall Nutrition Challenge Tracking

4.  Weekly Challenge will be announced via email to Challenge Participants as well as on Facebook the prior Sunday.

5.  Remember to email me a copy of your Excel Sheet at the end of each week.  Sunday evening or Monday before noon would be helpful.  I will be posting a Leaderboard throughout the Challenge.

6.  Monday we will be hitting the Benchmark WOD ….  Do not dog it – we want to see how you improve from Day 1 to Day 28 so you need to give all out effort on Monday.  Be mentally ready to hit Jackie, which is for time of:

  • 1000 meter Row
    50 Thrusters, 45lbs
    30 Pull-ups
  • Note if you scale, you will need to do the same scale in 4 weeks when we retest.  Points of performance will be enforced.  In other words, full depth squat and full extension overhead will be required for the Thruster.  Chin over the bar and full extension at the bottom of Pull-up will be required.  This may mean that you will get a “No Rep” unless you adhere to these standards.
  • Please make necessary arrangements to come on Monday, but if you CANNOT make it in on Monday, please email Crystal ASAP and we will work on offering a different time slot.

7.  What to Expect:

  • Because Paleo is essentially a low carb way of eating and additionally we are cutting out sugar (whole fruits are ok), you may expect to have some withdrawal symptoms…headaches, tired/less energy, skin may breakout initially. Think about that for a minute.  Alcoholics, tabacco users, drug users when they stop using experience withdrawal symptoms…face it sugar is addictive and when taken in large dosage can cause damage to our bodies.  All the more reason we need to have a Challenge at times to remind us of it.
    • Another reason drinking your H2O is important – is make sure you are not dehydrated which can make these symptoms worse.
  • You will eat like pooh if you do not plan ahead which will lead you to be discouraged, and then after having a bad day you may decide that it is not worth it…wrong.  Easy Answer:
    • Take 2 days a week to prep your food.  Make Sunday (or whatever day would work for you) where you do a majority of the prep and then on Wednesday you package your meals for the rest of the week so you have food with you at work.
    • Take advantage of Amber’s pre-made meals – order so you have on hand in case you run into a pinch.
      • Notice I said pre-made meals…not desserts.  Although her desserts are yummy – I am pretty sure they will contain sugar.  And then you would have to deduct a point.

8.  Clarifications on Points:

  • You deduct 1 point for EACH alcoholic beverage or non-paleo beverage.
    • 1 Shot, 1 Glass (6oz) of wine, 1 Beer (12 oz)
    • 1 Soft Drink (12 oz) – if you have a 20 oz soda – that’s 2 points.
  • You deduct 1 point for EACH food that is non-paleo.
    • You have Pizza and Ice Cream at 1 meal.  You deduct 2 points.  So it is NOT deduct a point for each non-paleo meal, but EACH non-paleo item.
    • You have Breadsticks, Pizza, & a beer.  You deduct 3 points.
    • As you can see, I like pizza 🙂
    • You have a hamburger on a bun with fries.  Deduct 2 points for the fries & the bun.
  • Pay attention to condiments – read labels.  If you eat a Paleo hamburger with ketchup, deduct a point for ketchup (read the label – it has sugar in it!).  You have a salad & put Ranch dressing on it…deduct a point.  Ranch…sugar, amongst other stuff.  Mustard is normally ok, but check your labels!

9.  Exceptions:

  • SFH Protein does contains some Stevia – it will be allowed on this challenge for Post-Workout  shake.
  • FIT-AIDs are “Paleo Friendly” but for this challenge because they contain 9 grams of sugar – we are taking them out of the Challenge.  So if you drink a Fit-Aid, deduct 1 point.
  • Butter from grassfed source for cooking & if you use in bulletproof coffee – these are allowed on challenge.



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