Feeling sluggish?


Congratulations on nearing the end of the first week of The Best Shape of Your Life Challenge!  It is so exciting to see the changes everyone has been making.  I can’t wait to see what is to come.

Some of you are experiencing some very common problems such as feeling sluggish and tired.  You gave up cereal, bread, sodas, twinkies, crackers, and other such garbage and replaced it with nutrient dense whole foods such as meat and vegetables.  So if Paleo is so great, why aren’t you feeling amazing? Hang in there.  This is normal and can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on your body and the kinds of food you ate Pre-Paleo.  First, you have to detox from sugar.  Second, your body will switch to burning fat for energy.  Your body is used to burning sugar and starch. Burning fat is pretty awesome because you have lots of it, so it’s an abundant and effecient energy source.  When you burn carbs you need to eat more often because you can only store so much carbohydrate.  You eat, get your energy burst, then come down, then repeat.  You can see a good example of how this works or doesn’t work in endurance atheletes.  Runners that fuel with carbs/sugar have to eat continuously during long races or they “crash”.   Fat burners can go much longer without eating.  This article explains the difference between the two diets about half way through. 

Paleo meals will fill you up and are loaded with nutrients to fuel your body.  You won’t feel sick after eating either.  I like to think about it this way.  I can eat most of a pizza by myself and feel terrible after.  It is impossible for me to eat 12 pork chops.  I have read that this is because your body isn’t getting what it needs from the pizza so it doesn’t tell you to stop.  Plus, unless it’s a homemade pizza it’s full of additives that trick you into thinking you want more.

Eating Paleo should be a pleasant experience with a variety of tasty foods.  There really isn’t much restriction on quantity because you will feel full.  I have found that eating Paleo with Zone portions is difficult.  I don’t enjoy weighing and measuring 5 meals a day, eating huge mountains of broccoli, or resisting almond butter and honey dip.  My point is if you are new to Paleo and you are doing The Zone please don’t let this influence your decision about Paleo.  Also, the decreased energy may be due to changing from the S.A.D. to Paleo and not necessarilly because the blocks aren’t accurate.  Keep up the good work!

You all deserve a good recipe.  Don’t make this if you are doing Zone because you will have a hard time stopping at your allotted blocks.

Eat Well.

author: Brenda Johnson


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