Final Plans for Tough Mudder


The time is very near. Your nerves are through the roof. Palms sweating, heart pounding and you are now wondering why you would even commit to this. Uncommoners constantly test themselves. They look for the next thing to give them butterflies and challenge them physically and mentally. It’s why you started CrossFit and it’s why you signed up to be one of the elites running in the Tough Mudder Chicago 2013.

As you all know the start time for the race is 8:40am on Saturday May 18th. We understand this is early so please get your sleep in over the next few days. A group of Uncommoners will be leaving the CrossFit box at 6:00 am EST. As a group, you will travel to the Chicago Speedway in Joliet, IL. This is where we will park the cars, join up with the rest of the group and shuttle into the Tough Mudder. Registration begins at 7am for those going in the first heat. We need to arrive approximately 1 hour before our race heat (meaning 7:40am). The race will then begin at 8:40am.

Times to Remember:

  • Departure Time is at 6 am EST (Travel time is approximately 2 hrs.)
    • Destination: Chicagoland Speedway 500 Speedway Blvd. Joliet, IL 60433
  • Arrival at Chicagoland Speedway will be 7 am CST (8 am EST)
  • Shuttle to the Tough Mudder to register around 7:30am CST
  • Race starts at 8:40 CST

Things to Remember:

  • Participant Waiver – Completely filled out!
  • Government Approved ID – Driver’s License, Passport, Military ID
  • Running shoes you can leave there. They will get muddy and probably ruined so make sure they are old shoes that you won’t be mad if they get dirty.
  • Gloves and hat (if necessary). For all you those who have supple smooth hands, bring gloves. For the true CrossFitter, our calluses will keep our grip strong.
  • Change of clothes after the race – you do not want to wear the muddy clothes back home. If you’re riding with me and forget them, you will ride in the trunk or roof.
  • Water – Make sure you hydrate before the race. There will be water stations on the course during the race.
  • Cash – You will have to pay $10 cash if your car has 3 people or less. 4+ people get in free. There will be other things you can purchase but only with cash so make sure you bring some.

Please contact Alec Williams ( at 260.402.4575 for any questions. Since I (Alec) will not be at the Box to leave with the rest of the group on May 18th, I will be checking in to make sure everyone is accounted for. No man/woman left behind. Good luck and God’s speed.

author: CrossFit Uncommon


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