Step 2: Foundations

Welcome to Step 2!

Foundations is required before entering into our group CrossFit classes. Attendance to all sessions is imperative to your progress.

During the Foundations course, our goal is to introduce you to the fundamental movements you will see in our regular CrossFit classes, to spend time discussing the role of nutrition, and to find out a little about you.

We will introduce the correct technique & discuss range of motion requirements for:

  • Squats: air squat, back squat, front squat, overhead squat
  • Presses: shoulder press, push press
  • Hip Hinge: deadlift, romanian deadlift, kettlbell swings
  • Gymnastics: pull-up, push-up, burpee, handstands
  • Olympic Movements: discuss the clean & jerk and snatch which are movements you will be introduced to later in our group classes
  • Other common movements: rowing, jump rope, thrusters, wall ball, box jumps

Please understand that all movements have modifications and we are excited to work with all abilities.

We will also briefly overview the concept of the Paleo Diet.  Nutrition is often overlooked when training, but to us it is the foundation of fitness.  Though you don’t need to follow a nutritional program to be a part of CrossFit Uncommon, we want you to look and feel good.

Individual Session Option FAQ

  • When are the Individual Sessions scheduled?

    This is the beauty of Individual Sessions.  These can be schedule at a time convenient for you and one of our coaches.  We generally try to schedule the 4 sessions over a 2 week period.  After these sessions, you will be prepared to jump into our Group Classes.

  • What information is needed to get started?

    1.     Email (used to login to our online scheduler)

    2.     Cellphone

    3.     Home Address

    4.     Birthdate

    5.     Medical Conditions/Injuries we should be aware of

    6.     Emergency Contact Name & Phone Number

    7.     What  days & times generally work for you schedule.

    8.     How did you hear about CrossFit Uncommon?

Foundation Sessions Only
$199 one time payment
Start when convenient for you!
4 - 60 Minute Individual Sessions
2 Weeks Unlimited Group Classes