HotShots 19 Memorial WOD


Alright folks the WOD has been announced and it is for sure a “Hero” WOD.
“Hotshots 19”
•Six rounds for time of:
•30 Squats
•135 pound Power clean, 19 reps
•7 Strict Pull-ups
•Run 400 meters

This of course is outside of many peoples ability level but that never stops us from finding ways to allow all people the opportunity to get fit. With that we will have multiple scaling options, be it weight, movements or rounds, we will dial it back to make it possible for any fitness level. With that I will need you to sign up HERE . This will allow us to set some of the heats ahead of time to allow for better planning and flow of the event.

I’m not entirely sure why yet but this cause, these firemen’s story has really affected me. Be it the fact I was a fireman or that most of them were CrossFitters..or it could be the kids. 16 children, 3 of which are unborn are without fathers. They are without fathers because those men chose to serve their neighbors. They died protecting the lives and property of their community. I think it deserves us stopping and thinking about how huge a sacrifice that is. To knowingly put yourself in a situation that could result in you never dancing at your daughters wedding, never teaching your son to throw a ball or swing a bat. I’m sorry but that thought brings me to tears. I’m blown away that men and women like this exist and I’m compelled to honor them.
On Saturday we will honor them and I hope many people will come to participate but also just to watch and be a part of this.

We ask that if you are participating you arrive at 8:30. We will have heat assignment and scaling setup between 8:30 and 9:15. We will have a brief ceremony and the first wod will commence at 9:30AM If you have questions please email me at

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