Howdy from Oregon!

Howdy from Oregon!


As you all know, I am not the writer in the family but I do want to share a little bit about the adventure that PJ and I have embarked on … em”bark” …hahaha, I crack myself up.


The four day road trip was surprisingly fun.  My sister joined me on the trip which was a large contribution to the enjoyment, on top of beautiful scenery.  So when I left Lafayette, I had no plan regarding hotels or where we would stay.  (How many people just shook their heads – what you didn’t plan?)  Nope I didn’t –I consider myself a planner by nature but I believe at times we have to let go and give our planning brains a break – I was on an adventure and this was part of it – so much fun!


We started a little later in the day Saturday which meant we would drive later into the night.  This got us almost through Iowa – we ended up stopping at a Motel 6.  (I am pretty sure that may be the last Motel 6 I stay at but it was nice for a Motel 6…it was a bed and PJ could stay for free.) Early rise since we were heading into some minor blizzard like snow through Nebraska – a couple jack knifes on the side of the road – but don’t worry, I was driving in 4×4. ????  From what everyone told me – no one wants to see Nebraska anyway so if we had to have snow that was the place to have it.  Once we left Nebraska and ventured into Wyoming, Utah & Idaho – it was smooth sailing.  Our country is so beautiful – picturesque from the highway – imagine when you get off that highway.


PJ is a wonderful travel companion.  She just laid in the back seat – happy as a clam – as long as we stopped every few hours to let her nose do some “seeing” of the country.  She has been so much fun.  I know you all miss her at the gym – thank you for letting her join me on this trip.  Pete & I have always wanted PJ to see the ocean because we knew she would have a blast.  She is enjoying the long walks on the beach, meeting new friends – there are a couple other dogs that walk the beach in which PJ has taking a liking to:  lots of tail wagging and chasing.


So what am I doing with all my time?  Well I brought a lot of stuff with me since I had a truck bed I could fill to the brim.  (I didn’t but I was close.)  Brought books, paperwork and a long to do list along with of course some dumbbells and kettlebells for an occasional WOD.  The home in which I am rooting while on this adventure has been lovely.  Literally a minute walk to the beach.  Days are often cloudy and foggy with a bit of dampness in the air.  A delightful backdrop.  When the sun peaks from behind that backdrop – it is a brilliant sight.  Colors seems more vibrant and the rays more radiant.


So back to what am I doing?   Honestly I don’t know and it’s been nice.  I have worked.  Probably not enough or least not as much as what I thought but then I ask myself what is enough or does this enough ever have an end.  I have walked the beach every day.  Every day.  And during those walks – I breath and reflect.  Thoughts often move towards all of you who call yourselves Uncommon  & that includes some of those who have moved on but who are #uncommon4life.   But beyond thoughts, if there is one thing I want to accomplish on this trip – it is to just be.  To be present.  To experience life.  To breath in life.  To do work but not let it be the focus of my time.


We are not promised tomorrow and that thought has resonated with me over the past few years to which I am grateful as it propels me to live, to enjoy every moment.  (Marc just wrote a post about his journey towards being present & I thought he did a great job being vulnerable and sharing – thanks Marc!)  In fact, if you want to know how I find myself on the Northwest coast for a few weeks, this thought is part of the answer.  But it isn’t just the thought (thinking), it is putting action to the thought that brings it into your reality.


So Uncommon – LIVE today.  When you come to the box – greet your fellow Uncommoner with a smile, find out how their day went, and leave the box a little lighter not just from the sweat but because you breathed in life.  Uncommon is a special place.  Pete & I consider it our responsibility to keep the atmosphere of Uncommon inspiring, honest, optimistic & safe.   Uncommon is not a place where negative opinions (judgements) are prevalent.  Uncommon is a refuge for people to be themselves.  Why? because everyone is so freakin’ awesome – each one of you are unique.  Each one of you are enough.  You don’t need to be something you aren’t or don’t want to be.  Be you.  Be that person who loves themselves and therefore can love all those around them.  Judgement is nothing but measuring yourself up to someone and then ranking yourself above or below them.  Either direction leads you to a detrimental mindspace.  A mindspace that will produce thoughts that I promise will not benefit you or those around you.


You are enough, they are enough.  Enjoy each other!


With Admiration from Oregon,

Crystal & PJ


“My 2 Cents”

Do it for someone else. You don’t care about the Open?  That’s cool.  For some of us – the competition doesn’t drive us – in fact, it might deter us.  I want to challenge you then to do it for someone else.   This community event is just that – moments of interaction for the “community” which means we need you.   You are a part of this community and without you we are not complete.


Do it for the person you want to be? Maybe you are driven by competition (opposite from above) and you are concerned that you will do something you shouldn’t do (maybe you’re scared about getting injured).  Ok well let’s consider that maybe you need to learn how to control yourself and stop when you need to stop.  This could be an opportunity for you to grow in self-control.  Maybe you are scared that you can’t do something and will look dumb?  Ok just stop.  So what if you can’t do something – we all can’t do something.  Don’t let that stop you.  Let’s just have some fun!

author: Crystal Deiwert


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