It’s All About Perspective

While in Oregon, I found this cairn as Amber, PJ and I walked one of the coolest inlets I have ever seen.  It’s a popular place for surfers on the Pacific North Coast.  Rock formations surround you as you finish the half mile hike down a trail through a lush forest filled with douglas firs, spruce trees, and water streaming down the mountain behind you.  The smell of a forest plus the awaiting ocean I cannot accurately describe, but for those who share the love of nature, you can smell it right now can’t you?  For those who haven’t ventured into nature, do yourself a favor and go find some woods somewhere and if you can with a river or a creek.  Nature freely offers you a place to breath in some life.


Back to this cairn I found.  I had no idea what a cairn was until I went hiking with John & Kelly Nagy and they shared with me what they represent on the trail.  Carins are used by hikers as markers so those following them can find their way easily if the trail is not officially marked.  I know for Pete and I we have found this knowledge very helpful on some of our hiking adventures.   As PJ was running after some seagulls and getting swallowed up in a stream rushing from the mountain behind us into the ocean in front of us, I came across this stack of rocks and they spoke to me in a way as I stopped to take some photos at different angles.

I took one up close, stepped back & took one a little further away and then I decided to take one looking straight down on it and to my somewhat surprise the mound of rocks disappeared before my eyes and at that moment, I thought “it’s all about perspective”

For the reminder of my life, I want to be growing and advancing.  I do not want to get stuck.  I do not want to believe dogmatically in anything because as I live I gain perspective and that perspective allows me to see things that I may not of previously seen.  At times I have experienced a new perspective which has allowed my convictions to grow stronger and at other times has “rocked my world” and made me question a previously held thought pattern which was not accurate.   Either way, I am advancing.  So when I looked at these photos I had taken I realized that whenever something in life seems “too big” or I feel “overwhelmed” I am likely not looking from the right perspective.  So I step back and take a look a little further away and the problem is “smaller” or I feel “less overwhelmed” and then another step and the problem is almost “non-existent” or I feel like “what was I stressing about” and then if I can…if I can get out of my box all together and get “above” the problem…it disappears.

author: Crystal Deiwert


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