Journey WOD: Saturday 01.12.19


Journey WOD

Not the band, although who doesn’t love the band Journey?

And their song “Don’t stop believing”?!  I mean, it’s a classic.  If you don’t know this song…you have been living under a rock or you have never been roller skating… well now that we all have that song in our head, let’s keep it there for a minute because this WOD we are calling Journey WOD represents the notion of never stop believing.


Meet John & Jes Black

I asked Jes (aka Lil Jessie to one and Jessica to many) to record a video so those who don’t know them can put faces to their story.


Pete & I met Jes on August 4, 2012 which was the date of Uncommon’s Grand Opening.  At some point we should put out a short video of how Uncommon got started because we look back and wonder how we arrived to where we are today.  Pete & I honestly think about this regularly and are extremely grateful to all of those who have contributed to what Uncommon is & stands for … this is where Jes & John Black come in because these two people are as OG as it gets.  I should have Jes tell the story, but I do recall that one reason she came to the Grand Opening was that we had food & beer (mainly the beer part) and I think John may have been that one that sent her to come check out the gym that Saturday in August.


We had a great turn out at the Grand Opening, our minds where blown.  Classes officially started on August 6th & Jes started on August 8th and John I believe a couple days later.  More importantly a lifelong relationship began with these two who are true to the word “uncommon”.   I know many of you have never meet John & Jes because they have been away for over 3 years now which is hard to wrap my head around, but when she comes back to town, it’s like she hasn’t left.  So when she reached out to us about their Journey to a Baby, we wanted to show them some love and support.  Uncommon, meet John & Jes Black:

The Black’s Journey to a Baby Blog

Jes has been sharing her journey in a blog. If you have a few minutes and want to know more about the process of adopting.

To show them our love & support, we decided to host a “FUN”draising WOD on Saturday, January 12th.


John & Jes will be in town visiting family that weekend.  This WOD will allow us a chance to workout, but also allow us to give of ourselves.  Jes doesn’t go into detail in the video of the expense of adopting, but she does in her blog.  We aren’t planning to charge anything to participate in the WOD, there won’t be a t-shirt you can “buy” – we would rather have the monies for the cost of the t-shirt to go directly to their cause … we all own plenty of t-shirts anyway, right?  🙂


We will have a donation box available & if your heart is touched and you would like to show them some love then you can do so.

Jes shared some statistics with us as to help us come up with the WOD:


10% of women have fertility issues

2% of Americans have adopted

25% (1 in 4) adoptions fail

72 hrs before rights can be signed to adoptive parents (this is AZ, specific)

25 min– every 25 min a baby is born suffering from opioid w/d

8 yrs– the time we have been trying to get pregnant

55k, roughly the cost of adopting

In Teams of 2:

Buy In: 72 Calorie Row

8 Rounds, partners alternate rounds:
2 Bar Muscle Ups or Chest-to Bar Pull-Ups
10 Overhead Squats (95/65)
55 Double-Unders

Buy-Out: 25 Synchronized Burpees

We will be running heats for this workout approximately 10 minutes a part.


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