Kaitlyne Luttrell’s Progress Photos


Uncommon Nation – here is a little encouragement for those who have decided to take control of their nutrition.  Progress photos from Kaitlyne (we recently featured her story in a video you can find here – Kaitlyne Luttrell)


Kaitlyne Front

Time Line:

July 2012: began CrossFit, intro to Paleo
January 2013: pre-challenge photo
February 2013: post-challenge photo
May 2013: most recent (don’t have a photo from back)

Kaitlyne has continued eating the way she did during the challenge that started in January.  The challenge was strict paleo with a “zone” prescription…basically think of it as she ate a balanced paleo diet.  In other words, she didn’t eat a lot of Paleo desserts every night. 🙂


Kaitlyne Back


She is picture of consistency – she continued to eat healthy whole foods and coupled it with hitting WODs through the week.  I want everyone to notice that there was a slight change after a month, but after 4 months is where you see a huge change.  Kaitlyne is determined to be the best Kaitlyne can be – great job Kaitlyne!













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