Let’s Talk about how Yoga translates into your WOD…


As Crossfitters, we know to expect the unexpected and train in a variety of ways to push our thresholds.  We know the importance of taking care of ourselves and having good form.  We hear we should mobilize and improve our ranges of motion.  We know we should, be do we do it?

We offer yoga at Crossfit Uncommon to help you be just that, even more uncommon.  We offer it as one other modality for you to become better.  One more way for you to train, expect the unexpected, and mobilize.  We offer it as a way for you to become even more aware of your body, your breath, and what’s going on with you.

Let’s talk about how yoga can really help you and translate over into your WODs, something that translates to you…

The idea is the more you work on these movements and ranges of motions, the more you’ll see results. These yoga postures complement the movements you see in CrossFit each week and will help you to gain ranges of motion without the load, intensity, and speed of the WODs.  The results though translate over to help you become more agile, more resilient, more flexible, and more aware.  Plus, we learn to breathe well and use our breath to create physiological changes in our body and our nervous system.  More will come on that soon!   Let’s talk postures now…

A series of posts will be coming discussing different postures and how they affect different parts of the body… starting with the spine and core…

Spinal awareness is taught in every yoga posture along with the core connection and how to engage the core with every breath.  That translates into EVERY movement you’ll see in a WOD!

In yoga classes, we move the spine in many directions, trying to hit forward bends, backward bends, lateral bends, twisting, and axial extension in each class.  The bends move from gentle to deeper as your body warms.  One of the goals is to create more freedom in your spine while also building stability and strength within your core.  Even more importantly, we work on developing an awareness of the spine and how it moves.  We work on being able to feel on more and more subtle levels so we can tell what is happening and what is moving in our body.  This translates into every move you do in a WOD.

What does this mean to you … more awareness of the spine and what it feels like to keep a neutral spine with other movements


With all of these, we use the core to support the back and control the pelvic lumbar region.  This core connection translates into EVERY move you do in a WOD.

Think about deadlifts, squats, handstands, pullups, push presses, and more.  Maintaining a strong core and healthy spine is crucial.  They keep you healthy and able to move on a daily basis.  They give you the ability to do Crossfit and reduce your risk of injury.  Yoga is proven to reduce low back pain and help prevent it from occurring.  That’s a great reason alone to join us!

A stable base and a lot of core stability is foundational in Crossfit.  Each yoga class brings these principles into every posture, every breath, and every moment.  We hope to see you there!

Yoga is offered Sundays at 5:00pm.

author: Jacqueline Allen


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