I am not a good listener.

Good Morning Uncommon,

I was not planning to write a blog post so this post is very spurt of the moment.


I don’t know how many of you have heard of a gentleman by the name of Jordan Peterson – he is quite controversial at the moment, but I believe if anyone gives him an honest listen they will find him interesting in the least.  Interesting because the message he is delivering is hitting a cord within the deep nature of our being, at least speaking for myself.


I have listened to several hours and am currently reading his book – “Twelve Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” and it has sparked a desire to be better.  I am approaching 40 – so crazy.  I just had my 39th birthday.  I suppose that alone could cause reflection, but I do believe much of it stems from listening & reading someone who is pushing our society to learn from our ancestors.


Here is a thought that I had today as I am spending time this morning contemplating some things.  One of the goals that I have set recently is to become a better listener.  I am not a good listener – whether that stemmed from my “natural” born temperament, family upbringing, schooling, or social pressures I have no idea, nor do I care to spend much of my time contemplating on the why I am the way that I am but instead mainly on the power I have of change.  The power of recognizing weakness and understanding that I can shore my weaknesses up.  It’s a powerful thing to recognize that we have weaknesses and that those weakness do not define us nor reflect the person we can ultimately be.  We are born in duality, not having just strengths.  We are born with certain temperaments that can be great strengths while simultaneously be great weaknesses.  Recognizing the duality of our temperaments can be life changing because in doing so we can begin to embrace the weaknesses and see that they are as much us as our strengths.  And we start owning them.  By owning them, we can then change them.  I am not a good listener.  This doesn’t make me a bad person.  It makes me a weak person.  But if I never own the weakness, I will never overcome it.  It will be like a shadow, always popping up when a little bit of light (truth) shines on me.


I am excited.  I am scared.  Scared because now it’s my responsibility. I can’t blame anyone.  No one.  Well crap.  My ego is going to get hurt in the process.  I am going to have to apologize for my mistakes in the process.  I am going to have to stop making excuses.  Excited because holy moly this could get fun.  I can shore up a weakness I have had for years and become a more complete human.  I was born into this world incomplete.  Welcome to life, Crystal where you were not promised fairness.  I look at nature and I don’t see that nature is fair.   At least fair by most people’s definition, it is not.  Today I am alive and today I can work to be more complete than I was yesterday.  This is what drives me forward.  Taking responsibility, owning who I am drives me forward.  Without a constant reminder of this knowledge I become lethargic.  Today is a good day.  Today I take on the responsibility to be a better listener.


I am not sure why I choose to write blog posts about the deeper things of life.  I should write blog posts about functional movements.  Wait … what’s more functional – being able to squat right or being a good listener?  Ah ha – I will squat while I listen.  Nailed it.


author: Crystal Deiwert


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