More Details on The Whole Life Challenge



Start Date:  Saturday, May 2nd

Duration:  56 Days / 8 Weeks

Investment:  $39 if register before April 15th, $49 after April 15th

Important Dates:

  • Friday, April 17th – 7:30pm – we will be viewing the Documentary “Fed Up”
  • Saturday, April 24th – 9:30am – Pre-Challenge Measurements & Workout
  • Friday, April 23rd – 6:30pm – alternative time for Measurement & Workout if Saturday does not work for your schedule
  • Saturday, May 2nd – START OF THE CHALLENGE
  • Friday, June 26th – END OF THE CHALLENGE
  • Saturday, June 27th – 10:15am – WLC Final Event – Post Challenge Body Measurements & Workout.  At the event, measurements will be entered in and overall winners of the Challenge will be announced.  More details as we get closer to the event, but mark your calendars now.


There will be a 1st place & 2nd place winner in the Performance & Lifestyle Nutrition Categories.  (There is a Kickstart category, but we would like to see everyone participating in the Challenge choose either the Performance or Lifestyle categories.)  Click here for more details on the categories.

We will have raffles throughout the Challenge.  For instance, you might be entered into the raffle if you are one of the top five scorers. Or for a particular week, it could be for the people who remember to log their scores every single day.

Why Play?

If you know you need to develop healthy habits that will make you feel better.

To be accountable to a team.  Oh no – the A-word!  Most people shy away from accountability neglecting the power it brings.  Tell someone you will do something & more than likely you will do it.  If you have a desire to eat better and a desire to make eating this way just who you are vs a random diet you tried once – then join us & make yourself accountable to the team.

Maybe you have this “diet” or way of eating under control, but you lack discipline in other areas – like sleep or daily reflection or water intake, etc.

To be a support to others on your team.  When we put our focus on helping others achieve their goals, our goals are often fulfilled in the process.  You want to eat “clean” for 56 days?  Join the team & be the person that offers words of encouragement to a teammate everyday.  That will help them stay the course & in the process might just help you too…why?…because you can’t tell your teammate to stay strong and then go eat a donut without a nagging feeling in your gut.

Last thought.  At the end the 56 days, who will you be?  The 56 days will come for everyone – those doing the challenge & those not doing the challenge.  The question is – will you be one who is different at the end of 56 days or will you be the same?

Ready to Play?

We all need a Challenge at times to keep us on the right track or jump start us back on track, that is why we offer these challenges throughout the year.  If you are ready to play the Whole Life Challenge, click here for the Player’s Quick Start Guide (all the rules & details of the game you will find in this guide) & then Register under the Uncommon Team. Don’t forget, if you register before Wednesday April 15th, you get a $10 discount so go Sign Up now!

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