Paleo Shopping and Eating Out


Where to Shop

Many of you have probably found it difficult to find things on your Paleo grocery list all in one place.  If you did find what you wanted it was expensive.  I will give you a list of places I have found that have some of the best deals.

  • Aldi- produce, almond milk, eggs, meat- You will not find organic, free range, or grass fed here, but it will be affordable.
  • Marsh- Good deals on meat.  Produce is not so good at the store on Teal Rd.
  • Kroger- Good selection of meat and produce.  Also carries some things such as almond flour and nut butters.
  • D&R Market- meat, fish, produce- This is local food, but not necessarily organic, free range, or grass fed.  I think the produce and bacon tastes better here, but it’s not always cheaper.
  • GFS- Wild caught fish, 5 lb pkg ground turkey, bulk veggies-  Again, the turkey is not going to be high quality, but for the price you can’t go wrong.  They have pre-seasoned salmon that is quick and easy to prepare and doesn’t contain a bunch of junk.
  •– organic coconut oil, coconut flour- They usually have sales on the 54oz or the 1gal size containers of coconut oil.  It is much cheaper than buying it in any of the local stores if you get it on sale and when shipping is free.
  • Natures Pharm- They will have most of the stuff you can’t find in regular grocery stores and seem to be cheaper than Sunspot.
  • Sunspot- I seem to have better luck finding things at Natures Pharm, but they do have a larger selection of bulk items such as nuts and unsweetened coconut.
  • Meadow Oaks Angus– Grass fed and finished beef-  I purchased 1/4 beef and it ended up costing $3.50 per lb.  That includes steaks!  You have to order the beef but it’s worth waiting for.
  • Sheepdog Farms– free range chickens and eggs, pastured pork and turkeys- This will cost more than the chickens you buy in the store but you can taste the difference!  They are open to the public during the summer on Saturdays.  During the winter you can place orders at Sunspot.
  • US Wellness Meats– variety of grass fed and finished meat- This is expensive, but it is good quality and delivered right to your door.
  • Farmers Market– meat, produce, honey, eggs- Unfortunately this won’t help you now because it only goes on from May to October.  This summer go check it out.  Buy local, organic produce.  You can get good deals especially when the vendors get to know you. The Lafayette Farmers Market has one vendor that carries grass fed beef, Thistle Byre Farm.
  • Costco- bulk organic veggies, almond butter, organic coconut oil, nuts, olive oil, salsa, meat, fish- I know it’s not exactly local, but if you travel to Indy anyway it may be worth checking into.  You have to have a membership just like Sam’s Club.
  • Trader Joe’s- meat, fish, salsa, almond butter- Again, not local, but if you are in Indy shopping at Costco anyway…

Eating Out

I also wanted to briefly cover how to eat out.  Chipotle and Moes Southwest Grill offer grass fed, hormone free, meals.  At Chipotle you can get a salad bowl with meat, grilled veggies, mild salsa, and guac.  It’s making me hungry right now.  You could also make your own salad at Subway if you can resist the overpowering smell of fresh baked bread.  If you go to a nicer dining establishment, you can order meat with steamed veggies.  Usually you get 2 sides so I generally get extra steamed veggies.  They don’t give you a lot to begin with.  Read the menu and ask questions.  Ask the server to hold the dinner rolls or chips if that’s going to tempt you.

I know I didn’t cover everything, but feel free to add your own tips or ask questions.  I will leave you with an awesome recipe that I never have left overs of.  

Eat Well.



author: Brenda Johnson


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