Squat Challenge Callout

If you haven’t watched my video about why you should do the squat challenge, please take a few minutes to watch it below.  I would really appreciate it. 🙂


My idea in creating the Squat Challenge was to get all us Uncommoners to practice this position together at the same time.  I realize there is a very small investment on your part and I discuss that in the video, but this investment is minuscule compared to the benefit you are going to receive by being consistent for 21 days.  I know in CrossFit we say that intensity is where the magic lies and I do agree with that but right before intensity there is a word often overlooked, consistency.


I am seriously excited to see what these 21 days will do for you and for our community.  Join in with your fellow Uncommoners – we are at about 25% right now and I know we can do better than that – we had over 80% participation in the Open – surely we can get close to that number for this in house squat challenge.


Be Uncommon.  Be a part of what we are doing for the next 21 days – you don’t want to miss out on it!  Sign up deadline is tomorrow, but don’t put it off – just go sign up now.  I made it real easy…just click link below to join.


#gains #consistencybringsresults

YES! I want to join my community in the squat challenge – SIGN ME UP!

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author: Crystal Deiwert


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