The 2016 Uncommon CrossFit Open Schedule


The CrossFit Open is almost here! T-minus

Goal: 60 Uncommoners

Current (as of 2/22):  50 Uncommoners


If you have registered, but are not showing up under our CrossFit Games Affiliate Page make sure you choose “CrossFit Uncommon” as your affiliate in your profile.  


OPTION #1:  SATURDAY 9:00 – 11:00am

*You will want to try to make this option work for your schedule.  Saturdays during the Open are electric!   Check out a video from PJ during Open Workout 15.3 last year. PJ understands what the Open at Uncommon is truly about – our Uncommon Community.  She greets everyone who walks into the door no matter what – no judgment.  Come be apart of what we are doing as a Community.  Be a part of this moment we get once a year to come together for 5 Saturdays and cheer each other on, to put our own heart on the line and give our greatest effort regardless of where we may be in our journey and be pleased with our efforts.  Uncommon is a judge free zone.  If you come in judging other people…honestly…we can’t help you and you probably won’t fit in with the people who call themselves Uncommon.  And to those who feel like they are being judged, free yourself and realize the truth is that the “people” you are so worried about judging you…are probably not even thinking about you.

And lastly, if you come to our Saturday WOD every week, I cannot think of a legitimate excuse for you to not be participating in The Open.  Seriously.  No…I mean it – seriously.  If fear is holding you back or maybe you don’t know what is holding you back.  Stop the confusion by looking at the bigger picture.  This may not be just about you anymore.  Be fearless.  Be uncomfortable.  Be you.  BE UNCOMMON!

OPTION #2:  FRIDAY at 6:30pm

*Our regular 6:30pm Friday class will be cancelled the next 5 weeks to make room for this option.


OPTION #3:  MONDAY at 6:15pm

*Please plan to be at the box to warm-up (warm-up on your own – we will have suggested warm-up available) at 6:00pm.  We will begin the instruction of how the Workout works along with points of performance you will be judged on at 6:20pm and the workout will begin promptly at 6:30pm to allow time for our regular 6:30pm class to hit their WOD.


Option #4:  If you cannot make your schedule around any of these options, please email Crystal by Wednesday prior to the workout you need to reschedule.

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