I was introduced to CrossFit in the spring of 2013.  My friend, Josh & I immediately started training with the CrossFit methodology.  I grew up playing sports:  football, basketball, swimming, and baseball.  After graduating high school and leaving organized sports, I knew I didn’t want be a person that allowed their physical health to take a backseat.  So I continued working out, but my workouts were missing intensity, I was not training like an athlete.  Doing my own research and looking for new ways to switch up my workouts, I came across CrossFit videos.  Since then I have been using the CrossFit methodology to train.


My passion for CrossFit continues to grow as it has offered me a way to express myself through human movement and performance. In high school, I tore both ACL’s – you would think I would have knee problems, but with proper technique and appropriate programming my knees feel great and strong.  I am convinced if it was not for CrossFit, I would have knee problems.  I believe that the human body is an extraordinary piece of machinery and CrossFit allows us to practice efficient movement and obtain our fullest physical potential.  I will continue to grow and learn by attending seminars and hands on experience in order to make an impact, great or small, in the lives of the people I encounter at the gym, encouraging them to live a healthy life-style.



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

1-on-1 Training