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It isn’t you…it’s me. No seriously, it is my fault that I have not written a blog post in what feels like forever!  If you are a new member or you are a long time member and want to reminisce with me, check out some of the my older posts.


Here is my goal, I will write a post or film a video for you all every week until…forever. Why forever you might ask? Because when I start something, I don’t stop. Sounds extreme right? Well it is, extremely mundane after the honeymoon faze wears off and the routine of coming up with fresh new ideas sets in. See this blog is about uncommon consistency, and I’m about to get very consistent with communicating with you.


We started Uncommon and I knew everyone. You could not walk through that door without being coached by Crystal or I within your first day or two. Now with the growth of the box we have additional, great coaches. Unfortunately, this means that I have taken a step back from coaching as many hours and although that has provided wonderful opportunity for our up and coming coaches, it has left me wondering how I fit into this evolving growing community. You see I have a very distinct vision for our box. I have spent years meditating on it and visualizing how the community operates and the principals we would live by. I think this distinct vision was made very clear to early members but as of recently I have not held up my responsibility, I have not been consistent in imparting what is going on in my brain. Well from this point forward, you will know what I am thinking and you will get it every week. So today let’s talk about consistency and over the next…forever, I’ll live the standard by writing or filming every week. I promise future posts won’t be this long…doubtful.

At one time not too long ago I had a love affair with social media. It was a wonderful first few years of MySpace page backgrounds and deciding what song I would feature on my profile. Well as the years went by, I accumulated all of the social platforms. I had a ritual of opening my phone and hitting Facebook then Twitter then Instagram. I might swing over and Vine for a few or hit up Reddit. My personal favorite was Instagram. I loved how easy it was to get information across on that platform. With video, picture, and text it allows for some really cool content and honestly I learned a ton while using it.

When I started my dive into CrossFit in 2008 the world of training and lifting was very old school. None of these media platforms existed and in turn, you had to search for information where today it’s brought to you. When I started, I spent hours upon hours searching the CrossFit Journal. The Journal is a publication Coach Glassman started in the early 2000’s. He wanted to create a place where there was very thoughtful information about all things health and training. Therefore, the journal over the years evolved into truly the place to find not only information but also the best information. I was learning about things in 2010 that mainstream is just noticing now. The Journal was that good. Now the interesting thing about this is that it was my one source of information and if I wanted to learn I would have to go and look. I could read about powerlifting, rowing, gymnastics and nutrition. This is where I discovered Pose running and Dr. Romanov. This is where I learned about mental and emotional resiliency and Mark Divine. I read about Paleo and low carb and how to fuel endurance efforts with fat. I learned about so much stuff!


Now here is the kicker. Because the information was somewhat difficult to obtain, meaning it took some work to find and read, and took them time to write and put out more content. It allowed me time to implement it. See the Instagram posts where great but I followed 238 different people. That’s 238 different ideas and methods and points of view. Some I held at a high value because I respected their position and point of view but others were voices that I really didn’t have time to hear. I was being bombarded with so much information there is no way I could IMPLEMENT anything. The Journal had articles that would come out a few times a month. If it was something that interested you, you could apply it, practice it, and actually see the merit in the methods you were learning about. In today’s age of information, we are not allowing for that leaning process. We have endless amounts of information but people are not applying this information over a long period, people are not being consistent and instead are thinking because their brain is full of trivia they are learning and becoming experts. True change comes through time and it we must apply something for extended periods to allow it to change us.


Uncommon Consistency. A friend of mine told me a story the other day that stuck with me. He has a date every week he does not miss. This is a meeting he has with other people who struggle with addiction. He struggled with this for a long time and now for the last 13 years has met every week, on the same day, at the same place and time to meet whoever shows up that needs support. A man came in he hadn’t seen in a while and he was in bad shape. The plunge from normal life to addiction had taken its toll on his physical appearance. He told my friend how he had been in a very bad place and how he had wanted to die but couldn’t. He said no matter how bad you think it is out there for addicts and those wanting to end their life, its worse. However, this man knew one thing, if he could get to this place, on this day, at this time my friend would be there. He could get help, he had a friend. Now I don’t know what the end to this story will be but I know one thing, my friend was in a position to save the life of a man not because he was the smartest or most well equipped. It wasn’t because he had taken the classes and read the book. It wasn’t because he was bestowed with the title that said he was allowed to help. He was in the position to help because he was there! He showed up and did it, he showed up when no one else did, but didn’t use that as a reason to stop. For YEARS he was there, it is now just a part of his life, it is what he does. He also is extremely well equipped to help. He has spent years in the trenches doing the work and applying what he is learning. He doesn’t just know what to do he is an expert in how to do it and only because of time. Consistent effort over time.

Uncommon Consistency. Gaining information is crucial to growth and we must grow. However, the implementation of what we learn is the factor to how much we grow. This applies to physical training and it applies to emotional training. To cultivate the personal traits I want to be known for takes time, years in fact. However, I know if I don’t apply this daily I will never be who I desire to someday be. Patient, kind, thoughtful, brave, a person of integrity, fun loving, adventurous, diligent, consistent.  I can learn a lot about how to be these things but it is in the daily practice over years that makes me an expert. I want to be an expert so I embrace the journey and I settle on the fact that I grow and change and the final version of me will be on the day I die but I insist on allowing myself the opportunity to grow. Stop the rush, let the years of consistently sticking with something settle in and make a real change. A change that is no longer forced but instead is a natural part of who you are. Become something, throw yourself into it and see after enough time what you learn and become. Stop looking outside of yourself for the answers and start finding the answers by applying over time. Be Uncommon and stick with it, don’t always question everything and think things need to be changed. Maybe the program works but it is you who need to trust and believe in the process. Be Uncommon.





author: Pete Deiwert


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