Uncommon WOD – 042318

“Cherry Pickers Delight”
How you do one thing is how you do everything. Will you avoid todays wod because it scares you? Will you allow the fear of a fictitious story line, created in your head, stop you from doing something difficult that you know is the thing you need to do today? Today will start and end for each of us, but some will start the day in fear and finish victorious over fear. Others will start in fear and finish knowing they quit before they even tried. The epidemic of quitting is a cancer and it spreads into every other part of your life. DO NOT QUIT before you try. Today go to the box even though you don’t want to. It’s your life, you are in control, get up and do something that scares you. It might be the antidote for this quitting culture.
For Time:
Row 800 meters
Run 1.5 Miles
Bike 2 Miles
Row 800 meters

author: Jacob Watts


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