Uncommon WOD – 120418

Part A
4 Sets of
Rope Pull
Immediately into
Max Bench Press (Choose a weight where you can accomplish 10-15 reps)

The goal of this Part A is to reach a maximal pump in the pec. This is not a max set where it is acceptable to use the traps or delts. The entire purpose is to feel the pec working. Therefore you might have to adjust range of motion to maintain tension in the pec. I can not currently touch the bar to my chest while maintaining tension in my pec. If I ignore this I have shoulder pain. So, I refuse to lose tension in the pec and refuse to use my traps and delts and that means I have a much smaller range of motion, BUT that is ok. It is ok because I have not earned the full range of motion. Some day, because I am aware of this and am using every opportunity to increase this range of motion, I will bench press full range of motion without pain. So my challenge to you is find your pec in the rope pull and bench press. Use this part as a chance to explore range of motion and begin to become aware of how you move, when you lose tension and when you hold your breath(that means you don’t own that position yet). If you go through this entire part A and do not ask your coach one question, that tells me you are not exploring what you feel when you move. My second challenge to you is pay enough attention to yourself while you move that you have a question for your coach.

Part B
4 Rounds for time of:
3 Strict Press
5 Push Press
7 Push Jerk
15 Triple Unders
Time cap: 12 minutes

author: Jacob Watts


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