We are not special but we are Uncommon


I was thinking today, as the Crossfit Games are in full swing, that some of our potential clients may feel intimidated with the athletes they see at the games and think that that is the only version of CrossFit. I think now is a good time to talk about who we are, why we are here and why you need to be a part of it.

A healthy productive life is one that is intentionally created. No one happens across great range of motion or strength, throughout the entirety of their lives without making some conscious decisions to hone those skills. We are here to provide instruction, teaching, mentorship on how to build a body that is capable of accomplishing the tasks and weathering the hurdles that life inevitably brings to all of us.

What we do by its nature is rooted in some vanity, face it we all want to look better naked, but really there is a greater purpose. The hours we all spend comparing ourselves to others, weighing our inadequacies and fighting our shortcomings can all be washed away by one thing. The daily pursuit of struggle and of something greater than one’s self. CrossFit is not easy and at CrossFit Uncommon we are even more difficult than some. We expect the highest level of integrity out of our members because we expect it out of ourselves. We expect for you to make every effort to do the movements with proper form. We DO NOT cut corners. We expect our members to support each other and build each other up. Without our community we have nothing.

In trade for all your effort you will receive character. It will be forged through the accomplishment of tasks you never thought possible. It will be forged through the bonds you create with those who struggle next to you, day in and day out. You will receive strength, both in your body and in your mind. You will receive the undivided attention of a staff that wakes each day with the singular goal of how do I, the coach make each person I come in contact with better. Not show them how smart I am, but give them the tools and instruction that will make a lasting impact on their lives. You will receive a community of people who not only know your strengths but also know your weaknesses and who work together each day to improve both.

We are not your typical 30 dollar a month gym. They don’t want you to show up, we will fail if you don’t show up.  We are an institution. We are the place where you will change, and we are the place where you will positively change others.

The movements that our parents need and the movements that our Olympians need do not differ in kind, they only differ by degree – Greg Glassman.  CrossFit is scalable for all people and CrossFit Uncommon is here for all people.





author: Pete Deiwert


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