Weekly Challenge 5.18.20

Hey Uncommon! It’s that time of the week for your weekly challenge!


This week, we challenge you to complete 5:00 of single leg squat practice & spend 7+ distraction free hours in your bed daily! 

Each day you complete this task will earn you 1 point toward the “Spatial Distancing” Commitment Club leader board!


Single leg squats, otherwise known as pistols, are an advanced CrossFit movement that require good mobility of the hips and ankles, a strong core, and a lofty amount of balance. This week, we challenge you to give these a shot, and we’ve included some beginner, intermediate, and advanced drills for you to try out! Enjoy!

Beginner Pistol Drills

If you’ve never done a successful pistol before, this challenge might seem a little daunting. Not to worry!


The first drill you can practice is to work on going from a seated position to standing on one leg. Additionally, you can practice a single leg box step up to help familiarize yourself with the inside of your hamstring and proper weight distribution.


Check out the below videos to find some beginner drills for you to try out:

Drill #1

Drill #2

Intermediate Pistol Drills

So, you kind of sort of can do a pistol on one leg, but DEFINITELY not on the other leg, right? The below drills are for someone who has a basic understanding of the pistol, but would like to become more proficient at them.


You will see a roll to candlestick option, as well as practicing an actual pistol on a box so you have room between your non-standing leg and the floor.

Drill #1

Drill #2

Advanced Pistol Drills

You got one!! You really got one! Nice job! Now, you can work to become more proficient at the pistol squat. Take 5:00 to improve your technique and balance this week, as opposed to relying on your weightlifting shoes or partially standing on a change plate to ensure you’ll hit the bottom position successfully.

Drill #1

Drill #2


If you’ve been a member at Uncommon for a while, you probably are aware of how much we stress the importance of sleep if you’re wanting to be a healthy individual. If you’re a frequent 5-6 hour sleeper, this challenge might be hard for you, but we promise that you will reap SO many health benefits if you just catch a few more Zzz’s per night.


Check out this video on the importance of getting adaquate sleep and practice spending at least 7 hours in your bed tonight. Pay attention to how this makes you feel the next day. Enjoy!

author: Jackie Richards


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