What Would Brenda Eat?


Some people have asked what I eat during the day.  WWBE Bracelets will be avaliable for purchase and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Healthy School Lunch Program.  Not really.

Most mornings I eat eggs.  I know, boring.  You can actually do lots of things with scrambled eggs.  Add basil, raisins, salsa, or chopped veggies.  Occasionally I make Paleo pancakes topped with fruit for a treat.  I have not found a pancake recipe with almond flour that I like.  I will share the one I use later.  Sweet potato hash browns topped with fried eggs is awesome.  When I first started eating Paleo I missed cold cereal so I would mix slivered almonds, seeds, coconut, raisins, and almond milk to make cereal.

Some simple go-to-meals are baked fish or chicken.  Put some olive oil and a spice blend on it.  I also marinate my chicken in homemade salad dressing.  Make extra so you have a few extra meals ready.  I keep pre-made turkey/hamburgers and sausage patties in the freezer for a fast meal.  Things like that will keep you from cheating when you are “starving” and have nothing to eat.  I sautee veggies a lot especially in the winter when I don’t grill.  Coconut oil or bacon grease give great flavor to spinach or kale.  If you’ve never cooked kale before, make sure you cook it longer than spinach because it is kind of tough.  You can cook it with garlic and onions and squeeze some lemon on it.

I always keep bags of veggies you steam in the microwave on hand for days when I’m in a hurry or haven’t been to the store.  You can get them fresh in the produce section or frozen.  Also, keeping pre-chopped and/or pre-steamed veggies in the fridge is handy.  If I make sweet potatoes or hard boiled eggs I always make extra to eat during the week.  Bell peppers make great snacks.  You can core them eat them like an apple.  I make large batches of things like Kale Soup, Paleo Taco Salad, Chocolate Chili, Chicken Soup, Bone Broth, Cabbage and Sausage, Mexican Meatza, Mashed Cauliflower, Carrot Fries, and Sweet Potato Fries.  Most of those freeze well.  I also eat organ meats, bacon, and fermented foods.  Those are things I never liked until I started eating Paleo.  The benefits of those foods is going to be another blog post.

When I’m craving a treat I make Sweet Potato Cookies, Banana Ice Cream or eat a banana with nuts and dark chocolate.  I also have some recipes for “Paleo” treats that are not challenge friendly.  If Pete will let me, I’ll share them when the challenge is over.


Below are links to the Chocolate Chili, Carrot Fries, and homemade Mayo recipes.

I tried a few mayo recipes and this one was the best.  It does not taste the same as the stuff you are used to, but I think it’s pretty good.

Eat Well.

author: Brenda Johnson


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