Whole Life Challenge: The Details

Start Date:  Saturday, May 20th

Duration:  56 Days / 8 Weeks

Investment:  $49.00

Purpose:  Challenges are an opportunity for you to get back or stay on track – that’s why they exist.  Take advantage of it.

Important Dates:

  • Friday, May 19th  – 6:30pm Pre-Challenge Body Measurements & Workout Option 1 (Please register in ZenPlanner)
    • Immediately following Measurements & WOD – We will have a short nutrition talk and answer any questions regarding the Challenge.
  • Saturday,May 20th – 8:30am – Pre-Challenge Body Measurements & Workout Option 2 (Please register in ZenPlanner)
  • Saturday, May 20th- START OF THE CHALLENGE
  • Friday, July 14th – END OF THE CHALLENGE
  • Saturday, July 15th – Time TBA – WLC Post-Challenge Measurements & WOD.


There will be raffles announced throughout the Challenge.  For instance, anyone who scores 4 Nutrition Points or above for a week designated will be entered into the raffle for a prize.

Why Play?

  • You know you need to develop healthy habits that you lack which will make you feel better.
  • To be accountable to a team.  We all do better when we have to be accountable.  Accountability is a blessing not a curse.  Tell someone you will do something & more than likely you will do it.
  • Maybe you have this “diet” or way of eating under control, but you lack discipline in other areas – like sleep or daily reflection or water intake, etc.
  • To be a support to others on your team.  When we put our focus on helping others achieve their goals, our goals are often fulfilled in the process.  Be Uncommon – be apart of the team!

    Last thought.  At the end of the 56 days, who will you be?  The 56 days will come for everyone – those doing the challenge & those not doing the challenge.  The question is – will you be one who is different at the end of 56 days or will you be the same?

Ready to Play?

We all need a Challenge at times to keep us on the right track or jump start us back on track, that is why we offer challenges throughout the year.  If you are ready to play the Whole Life Challenge, click here for the Player’s Quick Start Guide (all the rules & details of the game you will find in this guide) & then Register under the Uncommon Team.

“But I will be on vacation during the Challenge”

Enjoy your vacation!  Don’t sweat the challenge during that time, but why not participate for the 7 weeks you will be home?  Ask yourself…at the end of the 56 days, will I be better by doing the challenge or worse? My guess is you will be better for it.

“Why isn’t this free?”

This is an ad free experience. It’s a real community, with real people, and real results. You’ll see, with some skin in the game, you’ll actually get the results you want. And, not to be brash, but, you get what you pay for. The platform the WLC has created is worth the investment.

Nutrition Categories

  1. Kick Start
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Performance

Although the WLC offers a Kickstart category, we would like to see everyone participating in the Challenge choose either the Performance or Lifestyle categories.  Click here for more details on the categories.

Body Measurements

Waist (just above navel)

Hips (taken at fullest part of glutes)


6 min AMRAP:  Run 800 meters + max Air Squats

Before/After Photos

You will take these yourself & upload as these are for your reference only. They will not be used to determine of your official score. If you wish, your measurements and your photo can remain private on your profile.  We also would suggest you take weekly photos of yourself to see your progress.

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