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WLC-Seals2Can you believe we are approaching Week 3 of the Challenge?!?


First off you are all rock stars.  You signed up for this thing called the Whole Life Challenge where “someone” is telling what you can and cannot do and you have done it for almost 11 days straight.  Think about that…that could be a miracle in and of itself!   I would have to venture most people when told what to do will have a reaction to “buck” against it and go the opposite direction, but you haven’t done that – you’ve committed to obeying the “rules” – why?

That’s a great question.  The why question.  In fact, I challenged everyone at the start of this Challenge to ask themselves.  “Why am I doing this Challenge?”  But that question isn’t being addressed in the post, I want to address the question, why are you obeying these rules?  I believe it is because you know the person or persons are telling you for your own best interest.  It’s not to control you, but it’s actually to help you learn how to control yourself.  Let’s visit the idea of boundaries.   Not as something that is holding you back and you need to breakthrough (there are times & situations that could be great advice), but I want you to ponder a different perspective.

Picture your home and the homes surrounding you creating your neighborhood.  This space is were you are free to roam here and there with no worries.  Now imagine, all the sudden there is an attack on your neighborhood (what kind of attack is not important so don’t worry about that)…what do you do?  You and your neighbors begin to build a boundary around your neighborhood for protection.  All the sudden this boundary is not a limitation but is protective.  It’s keeping the bad things out and the good things in.  In time, the threat may disappear and at that time you can tear that boundary down because you don’t need it anymore but right now you need the boundary.  So ask yourself – did I sign up because I needed a or some boundaries?  If so, than ‘dag on it’ you better not cross it or you will get hurt.  Let the rules of this Challenge be protective.  If you are faced with a situation where there is non-compliant food.  Stop yourself.  Recognize the situation and ask yourself “do I want to walk into danger?”

Let’s bring this close to home and into the reality of everyday life.  If asked by a loved one or a friend to partake in non-compliant food – try this for an answer – “Thank you so much.  I am doing a Challenge and I need to practice saying no to foods that are not compliant for me (by the way don’t put your rules on them-they are your rules-not there’s) and thank you so much for an opportunity to practice.  Next time, I will have even more power to resist.”  And then give them a huge hug (you too guys!)

Do you think this a bit far-fetch?  Dangers really??  Yes.

Sugar will or is right now killing you if you are consuming the amounts most American’s are these days.  Most dairy & grains may be causing excessive inflammation in your body which causes your arteries to weaken and causes your joint pain.  Sure you may be someone who can handle some dairy or maybe even some gluten, but if you don’t know the answer to that yet, you’d be smart to keep that boundary up until you know it’s safe to take it down.  Not getting enough sleep will make you pre-diabetic and give you food cravings.  Stress will release cortisol, the stress hormone – great when we need to run from a tiger.

Consider a deer in a field eating grass, along comes a cheetah.  What happens?  You guessed it, cortisol is released which allows her to run maximally by shutting down her immune system – who needs to worry about that when life itself could be over; stops digestion – don’t need that right now, I need to run; and so on and so forth.  The body is amazing – in an instance, it gives the boost of energy with a signal of the stress hormone, but it also must be able to turn it back off or our immune system and digestion will suffer.  Did you watch that video and notice what happened after she gets away…all the sudden she is walking away just like nothing happened.  Her cortisol lowered and her body came back to homeostasis.  I know you are not a deer, but this is a great visual to show the power of coritsol – for good and for bad.  It’s no wonder people under stress tend to get sick and have digestive problems.

If you are a person who tends to have a hard time relaxing or decompressing, you better keep that boundary up from last week and get your meditation on or go talk a walk outside in the sunshine, be grateful, & smile.

All of that to say, I am so excited that you signed up for this Challenge, that you are taking  back the reins controlling your life.  Keep embracing it through this 3rd week and then the 4th …until you find yourself living this way.  Until it is not a challenge anymore, it’s not something you start and stop. It’s who you are.

I foresee that Week 3’s Lifestyle Challenge is going to be extremely challenging but remember why these boundaries exist – you probably need it.  It should be officially announced soon so keep your eyes out!

Here is the Raffle for Week 3 & it’s a BIG ONE!!shoes1


  • Your name will be entered into the Raffle if you score a 5 everyday next week for the Lifestyle Challenge (TBA soon).
  • Week 3 is from Saturday, October 1st – Friday, October 7th
  • Raffle Prize – a pair of CrossFit Nano 6.0 or Nike Metcon 2 of your choice – this was a big hit last challenge so we are bringing it back!
  • Winner will be drawn and announced on Tuesday, October 11th sometime during the 4:30PM class.





author: Crystal Deiwert


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