WLC Raffle #2 Announcement


Heading into Week 5 and boy, do we have another awesome Raffle for you!

You’ve made it through 4 weeks – 28 Days which marks your halfway point. Hopefully you are starting to experience the joy of unhealthy habits losing their power.  No one said changing habits is easy.  Depending on the habit, it can be ridiculously hard to change it.   Why is it so important to have good habits?  I am glad you asked that question.

Your current habits are leading you down a path and that path leads to a destination (I like to think of it as my destiny).  This might get a little deep for a moment but stay with me.  This post isn’t going to focus on the destination, I just want you to understand that your habits are leading you to a place.

Every challenge I like to remind people that changing habits is not mystical.  There is a logical & practical way of changing bad & creating new habits.   Remember habits are powerful.  They will assist you in determining your character – the very essence of who you are.   This is exciting news!  Exciting because this means you are in control of your destiny.  But this power works both ways.  A habit has no bias – if you form a habit – it will go to work on your behalf.   Both for good or bad.

Below is a logical process that upon hearing it for the first time several years ago, changed me.   I don’t know where this originated, I should probably do some research and find out.  But what I realized was that no one else was in control of my destiny, only I was.   I could examine my habits and if they weren’t helping me get to my destination, I could trace it back step by step – this was life-changing.  I hope it does that same for you:

Think about these 8 steps when you want to get to a certain destination:

  • Step 1:  Change your Words – what you tell yourself – ask yourself “Am I telling myself the truth?”
  • Step 2:  Those Words cause change in your Thinking
  • Step 3:  How you Think will energize your Emotions (for the better or the worse)
  • Step 4:  Those Emotions will move you to Make Decisions
  • Step 5:  Those Decisions will lead you to Action
  • Step 6: Those Actions will form Habits
  • Step 7:  Those Habits will determine your Character
  • Step 8:  Your Character will bring you where you want to be – call it Destiny or your Destination.

So where does it all start?  With your words.  Start by paying attention to the words that are coming out of your mouth, are they positive or negative?  If you don’t like them – change them and you’ll change your destiny.


Now on to the Raffle!

Week 5’s LifeStyle Challenge is “Spend 10 minutes at the end of your work day INTENTIONALLY unwinding to transition from your work life to your personal life.”  What does this mean…check out this post from the WLC folks.

I am looking forward to this one.  I am definitely prone to not unwinding, but am aware of the importance of this step.  Being intentional in this practice will result in less stress and therefore better sleep, better digestion, and better relationships.

Raffle Details:

  • Your name will be entered into the Raffle if you score a 5 everyday during Week 5 for the Lifestyle Challenge
  • Week 5 is from Saturday, October 15th – Friday, October 21st
  • Raffle Prize – A year subscription to Headspace or 6 month subscription to ROMWOD
  • Winner will be drawn and announced on Tuesday, October 25th sometime during the 4:30PM class.

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author: Crystal Deiwert


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