50 Blogs in 50 weeks!

Hey there, hi there, ho there, neighbors!   Last year, I tried to write a blog post every month. Earlier in the year, I was doing pretty well. However, eventually my lack of what I thought were “good” ideas and then programming Wod’s caused me to fall off. Andrea’s commitment to doing something for an entire year+ have inspired me to think, why not just do one every week? This way maybe I won’t feel so much pressure to write something profound and deeply inform...


Journey to the Center of Jacob’s Brain!!!

Howdy folks! Jacob here with another blog post. I wrote a while back about being better at receiving critical feedback. Actually, I thought it wasn’t that long ago. But turns out, it was back in December of 2017! Crazy. It was based around a quote I read in a leadership book that said “Caring values the person, while candor values the person’s potential.” You can read about it here. This post is in the same vein as that one because, honestly, I still struggle with critical feedback. But I think...