Yoga Shoulders


Let’s keep talking and yoga and you!  We’ve looked at the spine and the hips.  Next, we look at shoulders.  Shoulders are prone to injury.  Creating strong, stable, yet mobile shoulders helps to reduce your risk of injury.

In yoga class, we once again move the shoulders in multiple directions.  We work with weight bearing and non-weight bearing postures to facilitate range of motion while also building stabilization strength and opening tight fascia and chronically contracted tissue.  We move our shoulders in different directions to once again create freedom, but also stability and balance.   It’s once again about balance internally and externally, literally and figuratively.   Balance in our body and balance with our mind.


How does this help you?

This helps your pull-ups.  It helps your pushups.  It helps all of your overhead movements.  It helps your ease and your daily life.

Strong, healthy, stable yet mobile shoulders help you in your daily life and they help you in the box.

Yoga is offered Sundays at 5:00pm.

author: Jacqueline Allen


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