You Matter

You matter, I matter and even “they” matter.  I can be so caught up in what’s next to be done or caught up in putting out the next fire that I find myself so completely lost in what is actually the most important thing in my life.


Folks the bottom line is you are the most important part of my life.  You – my friends, my family, my wife and PJ (if you can read this you are my dog).  The stuff does not matter; the trips only matter because I get to share the experience with you.  Life is nothing more than a collection of moments spent with you.  You are the most valuable thing in my life.


So when the waves and wind of this world are tossing you around and it’s difficult to discern what is important anymore, remember we are important. All of us that that give some of who we are to you, and make life worth living.  Don’t trade us for work, and things, and keeping up with whatever the world tells you a productive person should be obsessed with.  Value the conversations, the laughs, and the unique opportunity we have to spend so much time with each other.  We are important, your tribe, your community.  What’s the point without us?

 “…When I’m coming home…

and I walk across the bridge of death alone

I will fix my eyes, on the one who is waiting at the other side

My old friend with countless others, there beside

When I’m coming home…”

-Tyrone Wells

author: Pete Deiwert


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