Whole Life Challenge: The Details

Start Date:  Saturday, May 20th Duration:  56 Days / 8 Weeks Investment:  $49.00 Purpose:  Challenges are an opportunity for you to get back or stay on track – that’s why they exist.  Take advantage of it. Important Dates: Friday, May 19th  – 6:30pm Pre-Challenge Body Measurements & Workout Option 1 (Please register in ZenPlanner) Immediately following Measurements & WOD – We will have a short nutrition talk and answer any questions regarding the Challenge. Saturd...


WLC: Finishing Strong, Final Raffle & Post Measurements and WOD

 FINISH STRONG! For those of us heading into week 7 of an eight week Challenge, I want to pose a question that we can think on over the final 10 days and beyond the challenge:  how’s my attitude right now? Last week Pete wrote a great blog post on “Consistency” (make sure you read it if you haven’t already).  If you embrace what he says then I can almost guarantee that your attitude is where it needs to be to finish this challenge strong.  Finishing strong requires your m...


WLC Raffle #2 Announcement

Heading into Week 5 and boy, do we have another awesome Raffle for you! You’ve made it through 4 weeks – 28 Days which marks your halfway point. Hopefully you are starting to experience the joy of unhealthy habits losing their power.  No one said changing habits is easy.  Depending on the habit, it can be ridiculously hard to change it.   Why is it so important to have good habits?  I am glad you asked that question. Your current habits are leading you down a path and that path leads...


WLC Raffle #1 Details

Can you believe we are approaching Week 3 of the Challenge?!?   First off you are all rock stars.  You signed up for this thing called the Whole Life Challenge where “someone” is telling what you can and cannot do and you have done it for almost 11 days straight.  Think about that…that could be a miracle in and of itself!   I would have to venture most people when told what to do will have a reaction to “buck” against it and go the opposite direction, but you h...